Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fair time!

It has been a SUPER busy week. Little Bit started grade one on Tuesday, turned 6 on Wednesday, and had her first experience with bullies, DH turned 31 on Thursday and Friday I spent the entire time Little Bit was at school binding DH's birthday quilt, Saturday was family birthday dinners, and today we went to the local "fair". Wow, reading that it really was busy.
I'm going to be lazy and do a pictures only. My blog, my rules lol.

The only thing I have to say is Elephant Ears, essentially funnel cakes that are just round thin disks instead of cakey, are heaven on earth. No nutritional values whatsoever, not to mention full of wheatie badness (I'm gluten-intolerant). Once a year, maybe ever two, worth the reaction.

And more pictures of the pin toppers. I'm going to have to have my cousin take the pictures for me I think. Mine just don't come out well enough.

And in the Year of Schnibbles front I have completed one block, and figured out the colour placement for the rest, I think.
I'm going to end up adding applique to the empty space on the quilt. Empty space bothers me. Which is porbably half the reason I'm such a pack rat lol. We'll see how much gets done before the surgery. Which I'm not thinking about.

Hopefully I get caught up some this week and have some more quilty pictures so share.


Sinta Renee said...

Aren't fiars fun... no matter what age you are! I still have not had a funnel cake though. I love your Schnibbles block- it's going to be beautiful.

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Funnel Cakes are awesome, I just love 'em! Looks like the fair was a lot of fun. I'm still waiting for my Schnibbles pattern to arrive so I'm envious that you got started. Your block sure is pretty :^)