Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Ok I know I said this about the Pennsylvania Dutch BOM but I think I HAVE to do this one Le Jardin from Fat Quarter Shop.
I saw a tease on Bunny Hill's blog and fell in love. Then I saw it again on FQS site. I really, really want to this one. It will come out to $30/month for 9 months. I can swing that. DH's newsgroups is about the same amount. And this would give me so much pleasure. And I even like the border fabric, which is rare.
Ok. Next pay day I'm signing up. I have decided. I'll look at it every day from now til next Friday and if I'm still in LOVE it, I'll do it.

That's my test for things. If I look at them frequently, for a week or two, and still love it, I'll probably keep loving it. Unlike most impulse things, which I stop loving after a few days. The opposite is true, if I hate something after seeing it for a while, it isn't going to grow on me, but just because I didn't like it the first time, doesn't mean it won't become an all time favorite. Example? Well I didn't like Urban Indigo, by Fig Tree Quilts, when it first came out. Now it is one of my fav's and I really wish I had bought more than a charm pack in it. Real regret there.

This is what I made with my one charm pack. Don't look close because no points match, and in fact most are chopped off. This is what happens when I simply start sewing and cutting and don't plan. And forget about a little thing called a seam allowance. But it is still one of my favorites because the fabrics just mellow me. Weird how when I first saw them though they did zilch.

On Pins and Whimsy will be stocked soon. More about that later.

And I think my Blackberry has died. All it'll do is show the little hourglass thingy. Not helpful, as my life is on that blasted thing. At least all contacts and appointments.

But I must remember that I'm healing better than expected and must be grateful for that and let the other things slide. Because really, how much does it really matter if I miss something? Or have to look up a number online, or heaven forbid in the phone book?
Not at all. Which I hope keeps me calm. This is the test of how bad the crackberry addiction is, can I live without it for a week. Yes. Because really I don't have any other option right now.

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