Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I made a dress!

  I'm so excited! I made a DRESS! All by myself! Yay!!!

I need someone else to help get some better pictures but I'm thrilled with how it turned out!

The fabrics are Lark by Amy Butler and my hoarded Honey Child by Jennifer Paganelli.

 I used the Meghan Peasant dress pattern from Sisboom, aka Jennifer Paganelli and Carla Crim of Scientific Seamstress. It was easy to follow and I couldn't believe how quick this baby came together!
 I now want to try all of the Sisboom patterns. I've always thought I can't sew clothes without my mom's help but I think I'm coming around to it.

 The pattern. It was a PDF version, which means I will be able to just print off and tape together the necessary pattern pieces as I invariably lose, tear, or miscut one.

 There are sizes from XS to 3X, and instructions on how to make it any length you want, with several sleeve options. So very customizable.

 Biggest plus? I didn't get lost while reading it. It was simple instructions with clear diagrams. This dress didn't have anything I couldn't handle with my quilting skills.
 It even had charts to tell me which pages to print for my size in the templates, how to measure to get the lengths I wanted etc.

I would definitly recommend giving it a try. And it's easy enough I think a teen or even tween could handle it with appropriate supervision. And all it takes is the fabric, elastic and a bit of bias tape.

Here is Little Bit's helping with a picture of the dress on me.

I think there is a second one of these in my future! 

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