Saturday, October 30, 2010

Here’s Looking At You Kid!!! (A view into the life of a quilter, as seen through the eyes of her husband)

  A while back I asked my husband Shane to write a post about what ever he wanted, so long as it was related to my quilting or blog. Here is what he sent me, with no editing from me. In fact, I promised not to read it until it is posted so here it is. I didn't promise not to add pictures though! hehehehe

As many of you who follow my wife’s blog know, she has turned a hobby into a lifelong love. Cara has been into quilting for many years, but the level she has now reached borders more along the lines of quilters insanity, lol.  I often see her light up in ways that I never knew she could, when she gets a glimpse of a new fabric line or finds out she has new followers on her blog or on Twitter, which I must say makes me laugh when I hear her give a little giggle like and excited teenage girl who just got a smile form the Captain of the football team…yeah, you girls know that giggle as I’m sure many of you get that as well.

The level of creativity Cara has shown is something that I never knew she had within her until her love of quilting progressed into the form it is today of barely being on this side of the sane/insane line. I must say that hearing her get mad at her machine sounds a bit like me when I get mad at the referee for making a bad call against my Alabama Crimson Tide, and knowing how much passion she has gives me a feeling of happiness knowing she has something in her life that she is so damn good at and loves so much. I have been caught of guard more than one time due to her dropping a conversation in mid sentence and whipping out her idea book and penning a new idea that has hit her like a ton of bricks while we were driving down the road chatting.

Another great thing that has come out of Cara’s obsession is the amount of connections and friendships she has been making. For such a shy lady it can be hard to make new friends easily, but you’d never know Cara is the least bit shy when the topic of quilting or fabrics comes up in any form. In many ways it has brought new understanding between Cara and Little Bit, our challenging yet amazing 7 year old girl, who is always wanting to help Cara on her projects. Many times Little Bit has opened up to Cara about things when helping separate fabric for a new quilting project.The strengthening of Cara and Little Bit’s relationship due to having something that helps Little Bit's learn new things and have an open venue to talk to her Mommy openly and candidly is such a great thing and gives me some added peace of mind knowing we have other avenues to use to help her.

I am so very proud of Cara and what she has and will accomplish through her love of this amazing skill, and I look forward to many more years of seeing new projects and having to drop what I’m doing to hold them up for her to get a pic of because she is so excited to get the pic posted and share her new project with everyone she knows and has come in contact with through the crazy world of quilting. I am so very happy that she has something in her life that she loves and enjoys as much as she does quilting and everything involved with it. It doesn’t hurt that there’s always a nice new quilt to wrap up in while gaming or watching sports or a movie during the long cold Canadian winter either.

Now if you will allow me, I have a question to pose to all you brilliant and wonderful folks involved in the quilting world. Could ya’ll please find a way to make a silencer for those machines? LOL. I hope you all enjoyed my post and keep checking Cara’s blog as you never know when I might have to throw on a new apron and lay down some poses to help my beautiful wife get some good pics and hopefully some laughs as well. Take care, and as always GO BAMA, ROLL TIDE!!!


Carol said...

What a sweet post from your hubby Cara, a very loving thing to do. He gave us a peak into your personality a bit. I too am obsessed by quilting. I've been known to let out a little giggle like you do and get way excited about a new line of fabric. As far as I know, there are no silencers for sewing machines other than putting the sewing machine in it's own sewing room/studio. Keep the love of quilting in your heart Cara, I know I always will.

Sara said...

AHH that was so sweet and creative of you to let (trust) your hubby to write up a great post about his wife---whom I can tell he loves very much!! He sounds like a keeper:)

You are awesome! Keep up the quilt making girl!!!

Anonymous said...

That was a wonderful post...Cara's Hubby!!! LOL My hubby always complains about the noise of the sewing machine when I'm sewing in the dining room, so I try to keep it in one of the bedrooms. Doesn't always work out.

Also glad that your little one is talking and sharing with you over quilting. That is what we all do isn't it?!

Pokey said...

So good to hear from a loving guy like yours, he's in that keeper category like my Larry. Now as to the "silencer", honey, that will come along when there is a way to keep the noise of the game down, whether it's your "Tidesmen" or the Cornhuskers on our tv....

Lisa said...

That is just too sweet & cute!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Oh my goodness, that is the sweetest thing I've ever read! Would all of our husbands write something as sweet? I like to think so!

Love the pics too!


quiltmom anna said...

Cara and Shane,
What a nice piece to read- Quilting is a big part of my lifestyle - I know that might sound a bit crazy but I think about quilting every day of my life- I pat my fabrics, I read about quilts and some days I even get out my sewing machine to sew. It heals me and feeds my creative spirit. I think these are the same things for you Cara.
Like you, I am married to someone who accepts my passion for quilting like I understand his love of sport and astronomy. The things that interest us in the world help us to build relationships with others. Our lives are richer for those connections. Supporting one anothers' interests, has helped us be closer to one another and find more things to talk about together.
May you always find those same joys and appreciate the many talents that you bring to your relationship with one another.
Warmest regards,

MyCretanlife said...

What a lovely post. Reading in between the lines you can tell he loves you loads and family means a lot to him. I think he is very proud of you Cara. I think you should keep him forever.

dawson.tracy35 said...

Awww!! What a sweety! Cara, I am glad to consider myself one of those friends you have made! Keep that man, he is a winner.. any man that would model your works of art has got be a saint!

Hubby says my machine sounds like a machine gun... it is very loud! Makes it even worse that I have to sew in the living room area!
Great work Cara, I am so proud of you for all you have accomplished! You deserve all the greatest things! God knows you have helped me more than a few times now, I appreciate it greatly!

Denise :) said...

What a GREAT post!!! And a really great idea, too! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!! :)

Rose Marie said...

What a sweet DH you have and he is definitely a keeper!

Still, it was interesting to hear about quilting from a husband's perspective and he is definitely in tune to your quilting and what it does to you.

harleywife57/ Mickey White said...

A 'bama fan in Canada ??? cool !!! I signed up as a new follower !!!! yay ! nice blog ; love your apron ! nice that you share and encourage your wife's love for quilting . You're a good husband . Cara : you did good !@

Lis Harwood said...

What a wonderful post, it brought a tear to my eye. I don't think I'd let my DH so the same (not unless I proofread it first anyway).

Anonymous said...

excellent points and the details are more precise than elsewhere, thanks.

- Mark

Tracey said...

What a wonderful post. Its lovely to see that your husband understands the passion you have for your beautiful quilts.