Monday, September 27, 2010

Bit of This and That

 So I'm starting to wonder if I'm talking to myself again as I'm getting almost no comments lately. I know I haven't been the most fascinating of people in the last little bit so I'm thinking maybe I've lost all my readers?
 Let me know.

Autumn is starting to show around here which always makes me happy. I love the colours, the smell, and feel of this time of year. The only thing that would make it better is being able to head to Muskoka for a while to fully immerse myself in the glory that is this time of year.

My all-time favorite picture, it's from two years ago but really I think it says it all!

Here is the first wave of colour for this year!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Been a while...

I can't believe what a bad blogger I've been the last little while. My only excuse is school's back with Little Bit, I'm making lots of wraps and writing patterns so there really hasn't been much going on that I can show, or that looks like what it is, in the case of the wraps, which are only tops until my backing arrives.

The machine has been in use that's for sure! Here are some of my earlier wraps. I love what  I can do on the long arm compared to my machine at home!

I thought I'd share some of Shane and Little Bit's fishing adventure from August.

She wasn't so sure about the pike, but she enjoyed watching it come out of the water and the whole process to her plate.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Looking for Rouenneries Jelly Roll

If anyone know where one is available I'd appreciate you letting me know! Oh and I got say after about 15 google pages start checking the URL before you click...amazing the amount of porn sites some how start showing up!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Christmas one was so much fun let's do Fall-O-Ween!

And since it's fall not Halloween maybe I'll escape being creeped out, I don't do well with the bugs so common around Halloween, but I absolutely adore Fall so here we go!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Friday Night Sew-In Results

I'm afraid I'm late with my post but I didn't do much that is fun to show! I did some pattern writing for someone, and did a little braiding with the Sultry jelly roll I picked up from Nicole's Stash sale Part 1. I've got 3 of the 4 braids done so hopefully this one will be done today.

These are going to be the sides in another wrap. I'm afraid between upcoming projects for Moda Bake Shop, Riley Blake's Cutting Corners, and some freelance pattern work I've not a lot to show but the wraps I'm also making and selling right now.
This week though I've promised myself some me quilting so we'll see!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Oh the craziness!!

 I'm so sorry for being away almost a week! Things have been crazy, exciting and unfortunately kinda confidential, at least for a little while!

 Though I am being featured as a Canadian blogger over at Nugglemama's Handful. Go check it out!!

  Most of the things I'm working for involve my original designs, and some very cool people! But if I share it won't be as fun and surprising. And it may jinx things.

 I will tell you I've had my heart in my throat several times this past week. And I've done a lot of sewing/quilting.

I will show you some of the  wraps I've made and quilted in the last little bit. No not Little Bit, little bit, as is a period of time in the immediate past that is short in duration. Ok. I know you knew that but I'm in a funny mood today!

 Here is my gorgeous aunt modeling my wraps for me! All of which are sold. Yes all. Already. And they want more. I'm going to be a busy bee! Especially if I can't get this binding issue solved.
The issue? I need to figure out how to eliminate the hand sewing part of bindings. I have some ideas and will let you know how they turn out!

 And I'm just saying that an AccuGo! would make my life way easier, and cheaper, if I could use yardage and have something else cut it to the strips, because my shoulder/elbows have been giving me fits lately, especially when cutting.

Ok off to make up goody bags for Little Bit's birthday party tonight with all her school friends...

Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to Hubby!

A big Happy Birthday to Shane!

Yes my husband and daughter's birthdays are one day apart. Lots of food.

And this is how he wanted to spend the evening he turns 32....

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Bit!!

Today marks 7 years of the whirlwind that is my beautiful daughter Little Bit!

How beautiful?
On the day she was born nurses came from other floors to see her.
Even though she has her issues, she remembers what we do on her little brother's birthday, and is angry/confused at God for taking him from us.
She wants to find the crying child in the store to make him feel better.
To her there are no strangers, just new friends.
To her I am "the bestestest mom in the world".
Her dollies are her pretend brothers and sisters.
She wants to drive 10 hours to see her baby cousin and give him a kiss.
She wants to be a fire truck when she grows up. And a Little Gym teacher. And a mail carrier.

For all the million things that make you, you, I love you Little Bit. With all my heart, always.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Charming Girls Club Sept/Oct goals

I know self care topic is over but I just want to add that when things get too much I'm going to remember the awesome responses to our troubles yesterday. You guys are the best and I thank you so much!

 I'm a bit late but I want to get a few things done this round.

 1) New ironing board cover, probably with the follow along with Sinta and Sherri.

 2) Get September's, and October's Bake Shop projects done and bound.

3) Pagaini, for Le Petit Projects

4) Hopefully get somewhere on one of the me only projects, either the Make Life quilt or Le Jardin, the BOM from FQS.

5) Finish baby quilt, for nephew born a month ago...this one should have been done months ago but kept getting set aside. I feel awful about it, even though the quilt will be too big for him for awhile.

6) This one is kind of undefined but I want to do something with my quilting that makes me nervous and means putting myself out there even more!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I can't keep going through this

 This morning on my way to the pain clinic I got a call from Little Bit's school. She'd passed out in line going into the school. Twice. They called the ambulance and through someone's idiocy, waited for me at the school, when I had told them, very clearly, to take her to the hospital. They did eventually get her there. She eventually came back to normal. We came home. OK there's more in there but it really doesn't matter much because the end result is the same.
She as another EEG in the morning and then I will call her neuro.
This stuff is very draining. I at least would like to know the whys. Then I wouldn't have to be sitting here wondering when, and where, the next crazy thing is going to happen. I'm at peace with her cognition issues, and all the things I'm used to, but this is scary because we don't know why, and she can't help much in communicating what happened from her perspective.

Ok I'm going to get ready to join Natalia's Tuesday Night Talk, because other women, quilters, seem like a great remedy for the downs.

Monday, September 6, 2010

I need it like I need a hole in the head but...

I'm signing up for Le Petite, A Year of Small Project, with Sinta and Sherri! These are the lovely ladies who brought us a Year of Schnibbles! I managed all of the Year of Schnibbles so I think I'll give this one a shot too!
I don't know that I will be as hard on myself about getting these ones done considering the absolutely stupid amount of other projects I have deadlines for but I'm going to give it a shot!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Why I love Family Weddings

 In my family wedding are a big deal. And a TON of fun. Why? Well first of all there is a lot of family, a lot of alcohol, and lots of music. Essentially a three day party where you see all your childhood friends.

 Aug 21st my younger cousin Liz got married and was such a beautiful bride! Shane and I traveled up to Peterborough for the weekend and I am so glad we did! I got to visit with some of my over 40 first cousins, aunts, uncles, and my beautiful grandmother!
 The wedding was lovely, though I couldn't hear a thing as the church's speakers weren't turned on. I did hear the vocalists and they were lovely. The church was a beautiful old church in a farming community of Irish Catholics...yes lovely indeed, and FULL.

I ended up holding this little one for the entire ceremony as his mommy and daddy had their hands full with his three older siblings, all under 6.

After the wedding we headed back to my aunt and uncle's farm in Ennismore, which is a too die for cute farming community, and just hung out til time for dinner. Even though it started to rain it didn't stop the mingling and drinking!
The pasture become a parking lot!

The dinner/reception was held at the local curling club, and it was transformed into a beautiful setting. You know it was a good night because I took almost no pictures! The dinner list had to be trimmed to only 300. Yes I said only. Really. That is small for these groups.

  After a very late night of partying Shane and I went back to hotel, unlike most of my cousins who found/made after parties!  The next day we stopped at my grandma's and then back to farm to visit some more and the we finally had to leave to meet Little Bit in Muskoka, where she'd been visiting bio dad.

Some pics from Ennismore before we left! Yes that really is the post office! Too cute!

We drove cross country from Ennismore to Muskoka the next day but that will have to wait another day!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Oh the drama!

 Little Bit has been wanting her hair cut for awhile now, or more specifically she "wants to not be me anymore, want someone elses hair"

 Yesterday we went to my salon and got her hair cut! I'm not sure who was more worried, me or the stylist! There were no less then four women petting her hair, exclaiming about the length and colour before the stylist went to work.
Little Bit even sat on her hair when trying to get in the chair!

The last one is bad but you can see how much came off! About 6-7"!
She loves it and it will grow out again if she decides she wants it super long again.

I've already had someone mention donating the hair. As soon as Little Bit is able to make the decision to have so much cut off, between 8-10", we will definatly be supportive of that!

She also wanted more pics today! lol she is such a ham. All posing is her own, I had nothing to do with it!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Schnibbles Year in Review

As you all know I've been doing the Year of Schnibbles with Sinta and Sherri. I managed to get all 12 projects done before the parade, though several times I got missed in it. I'm really proud of myself for just getting them done. So here is my own parade of all the Schnibbles I've done in the last year, in no particular order and including some non-YOS.

Plan C
Joy Luck
Spin City
Hot Cross
Liam's Picnic
Sunday Best/Blushing Sunday

Cindy Lou Who
Winter White

And I know there will be more to come! And I'm actually going to quilt some of these flimsies lol.