Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Talkin' Tuesday with Piece N' Quilt's Natalia!

I love talking and love it even more when it's with fellow quilters! Come and join in the Twitter party with Natalia!

Charming Girls Club update

 So far I've managed to get both my July and August Schnibbles done. I've been able to keep up and get the tops done for each month.

These two Bake Shop projects went up, and September's just needs to be quilted and bound. September's is huge and I can't wait to show you!

I didn't get the gift made for my dad, I just got too busy, and I also just don't know that it would have been appreciated so for right now it didn't happen.

  The Le Jardin blocks didn't get done either. I've had about half of the pieces prepped for one of the blocks but just couldn't get the mojo going for applique this summer. Hopefully when Little Bit is back at school I'll be able to get the finished up because this is just too gorgeous of a quilt not to finish.

  I also finished all sorts of projects that weren't on my list including a tutorial at Burgundy Buttons.

I'm working on wraps to sell in Muskoka.

I finished a table runner for my cousin's wedding using Natalia's tutorial over on Bake Shop.

 The most important thing I did do was have more fun this summer. Not all days were good but I tried to make a conscience effort to find enjoyment in the things I was able to do.

  I've finally found my camera cord so I will post about why I love family weddings, and the beauty of Muskoka soon.

Monday, August 30, 2010

A few answers to questions asked

 Before I even try to get back into things I thought I'd answer a question or two I've received that I couldn't e-mail reply too because accounts are set to "no-reply@blogger.com". And ask a question of my own.

Does anyone know a quilt shop carrying Moda Snuggles who will overnight to Canada? I need about 12 yards yesterday.

 H-  The Pure Wrap has the strips in the center set horizontal, and the sides are vertical. The reason it doesn't look like that in the picture is because the wrap is on me and the sides are brought up and wrapped around me.

I won't be selling these online, for now, but they will be available in Muskoka at a boutique there soon. Probably doesn't help any of you though, sorry.

S- I will try to find out what happened to your package.

We've finally got the truck unloaded so hopefully I will find my camera and get some fun stuff, with pictures!, up soon.
I always find the day or two after a trip to be the most tiring.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Pure Tutorial at Bake Shop!

I have a new tutorial up at Moda Bake Shop! This is my all time favorite project for it's usefulness. I've had to fend off a cousin and an aunt from stealing it this week! lol
 I'm not at home, we've been basking in the fabulousness of Muskoka, so I'm afraid you're going to have to hit the link to see! And please let me know if you like it!

This line is so gorgeous I feel so lucky to have been able to create something with it.
I can't wait to get home and show you all some fabulous pictures, of quilts, nature, and one awesome wedding!

'Til Sunday or Monday!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Another Book Review!

  So after the whole thing with the last Sandra Dallas book I went to the library and got "Alice's Tulips" and I LOVED it! It is a slow book, easy to put down, in the sense that it is slow but not dull, everytime I do put it down I can't believe how much time has passed because I'm absorbed. The whole book is through a woman's letter to her sister during the US Civil War. Her husband is away fighting and it is her and her mother-in-law on the farm.

The historian in me loved it!
The quilter loved!
And the avid reader adored it!

"Alice's Tulips" I can definatly recommend!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Jaybird Quitls Giveaway!

Head over to Julie/jaybird's blog for a chance to win a Pure FQ bundle!!! Yes a BUNDLE.

This has been my favorite all time fabric since I saw a sneak peek several months ago, and having seen it in person it is even more so!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The frantic pace

 It's been mentioned several times that I seem to be just producing like made and it does seem like a bit of a frantic pace.
I think there are two things going on, one is that I'm full of ideas and want to make them all!
The other is that it is the five year anniversary of my son's death today. You may have noticed the tabs at the top titled "In Grief". I've decided to start posting a little bit every once and awhile about grief in general, my own specifically, and anything else that occurs to me. That will also let me have this space more for non sad things.

On the happy side of things I got this order today!

I'd taken advantage of Fat Quarter Shop twitter special on the marbles last week, they were 40% off! And another 20% with the volume buy! If you don't follow them on twitter or Facebook you should think about it. Every Wednesday they advertise a special there only for an entire line! And it's normally 40-50% off.

 I also received my awesome prize from Stitchin Heaven and their twitter party, held a little while ago!

It was a blast chatting with other quilters and doing some trivia etc. You should look out for that on their blog, because I think they will be having another one!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's finally up!

So through varying delays of life the tutorial for Scattered Prayers is up! You can find it over at Burgundy Buttons blog. And there's a kit! Which is on sale! This uses the "left overs" from Film Strip.
 A paper piecing template can be found here.  It's not necessary but I know some may want to do it that way because of the smaller pieces.

  Amazingly I've been doing non-tutorial/pattern sewing! Little Bit and I laid out Fresh Cottons using Natalie's tutorial over at Bake Shop. Little Bit called it "puzzling" and was very proud to tell daddy she "helped to make quilt blanketet". Ah children. They make everything an adventure and can be so happy.
Though this is why I really do need a design wall.

And it only got worse. And I wouldn't have it any other way.....ok I'd have a design wall but that's all ;)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Plan C Schnibbles

 I've got my August Schnibbles done and out of the way. I can't decide if I like the border, wish it was the lighter colour, or like it as it is. I change my mind eveytime I look at it.
I used Old Primrose Inn for the fabric and again just used one of the colours for the background.

This one I could not get good colours in a picture on thsi one and have no idea why.

  I'm having a hard time getting motivated for the applique projects I have one the go. I have a Le Jardin block to do and the applique for my Make Life tumbler quilt all cut out and ready to be glue basted. And have for over a week.

 And because I'm me I have a project not due until November almost finished and the one that is scheduled for August either 1/4 done or not at all depending on which one is supposed to go up. And the not at all one? Still waiting on the fabric. Sigh.

Today was Little Bit's last soccer game for the year and she did the best she's done all year! It was a great deal of fun and the perfect weather.

Today would also have been my son's 5th birthday. We took flowers and a balloon to the cemetery like we've done every year. Little Bit remembered that when we told her it was Everette's birthday.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On Productivity and Bounce Dryer Bars...

 It has been noticed that my productivity is way up, which in general is a good thing. But I though I'd show one of the side effects of this productivity.

Yeah not so pretty. But I save all sorts of time not putting things away...and then lose it looking for them lol.

As for the dryer bar?

Yeah not such a good idea with black. It washes off but its gross looking when first pulled out of the dryer. I don't know if its because we're trying one of the 4 months ones, I never noticed with the 2 month, or what but this has happened 3 times now.

 No this post really doesn't have a point...I just thought I'd share ;)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Candy Bar Winners

The first winner is #49, which means I had a lot of counting to do...for Sheila C, who chose Fandango!
Which means that Luna Notte goes to....Judith! Who is living on that mystically beautiful island of Crete!

So ladies please e-mail, caraquilts at gmail.com, me your addresses so I can send these out to you!

Monday, August 2, 2010

At long last

I know it's taken longer then I thought but here is quilt 3 from the fabrics for Film Strip.

 I only added 1 1/3 yard of Bella Solid Black, everything else is from the layer cake. OK backing and binding but that's every quilt.

 So from this, plus 1 1/4 yard black,

I got this

and this

and this

Not bad, eh?

Tutorial is coming!