Saturday, May 13, 2017

Layer Cake 10" Square HST Tutorial

The love of half square triangles strikes again!
This one is quick as well as easy. I used 10 squares and made 40 hsts and 4 squares in 25 minutes, without rushing!

Layer (2) starched 10" squares right sides together.

Stitch 1/4" down two parallel sides.

Cut on the diagonal, from corner to corner.

Press open.

Lay two triangles, these are one half of a quarter square triangle, right sides
together and stitch along the long edge.

Press open.

Trim. 13" = 3.25" patches, 12" = 3" patches.

Cut a 4 x 4 grid. (For 12", cut at 3", 6", & 9" both across and up/down)

Voila! 8 a/b half square triangles and 4 fabric a & 4 fabric b 3" squares. what can I make?

A/ One layer cake, 42 10" squares = 168 3" hsts, and 168 3" squares, which is 336 patches or a quilt laid out 17*19 rows is 43"*48".
B/ One layer cake & background/solid layer cake = 336 hsts, 168 print & 168 solid squares, which is 672 patches, laid out 25*26 rows is 63"x65.5"

If using from 13", instead of 3", it is 3.25" patches, making A/48*53 & B/ 69"*72.

Fat Eighth HST How To

Fat Eigths or f8s, are a newer cut and one I haven't played with all that much.

But in answer to the age old question what happens if...., I have discovered a new favorite for making a lot of hsts, and getting some squares too, from f8s.

First press the crazy number of deep creases out, and use either spray starch or Best Press etc. to add some stiffness. We're throwing out the rules regarding bias on this one. I know it's scary and shocking but I promise it works out in the end.

Sew two f8s right sides together, along the long edge. Match up the cut edge, not the selvedge to get the most out of the fabric.

Press the seams to help sink the stitches.

Lay your f8 flat on your cutting surface. Clean up the edge, and lay a 12.5" ruler on the edge with the 45 degree line on the edge, so you have a triangle. Cut. Use the images below, and you'll get 4 half a quarter square triangles. (1/2 a qst)
 Press the triangles open. stitch two together to make a quarter square triangle.

Each f8 pair will yield 2 QST.

Trim down the qst so it is 12" square.

Making 6 cuts, subcut into 3" segments.

Each 12" qst will yield 4 & 4 3'' solid squares, and 3" 8 hsts, With the fq8 pair yielding 8 & 8, and 16 hst.