Thursday, December 31, 2009

Too funny not to share

Check out Quilt Hallow. She has posted a hilarious thing on pets. My puppies totally agree.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Year of Schnibbles December

 So this month's Schnibble was Tuffets! I already had made up a few so just made one more today. I'm going to order the new set of patterns but it wasn't out in time to get here before the end of the month so I'll order it with next month's Schnibble and save the shipping. See? I can be economical lol.

 This is the new one. I even did a bit of quilting on the top before I filled it up.

Looking at these I'm wondering if my winners have received their pin toppers. I know the grandprize winner did, so let me know. If not I'll send them out again. There has been "issues" with one of the post offices here.

 I'm working on getting the binding on the baby quilt. It is sewed on the front and I've got about 1/4 hand sewn down on the back.  The snuggly back is making this hard too. Good thing there are LOTS of Bowl games this week.
Quilting it was a b****. But it's snuggly, and done, so I guess that is all that matters.

  I have absolutely no plans for tomorrow, New Years Eve. I've never really gotten into the whole thing. What are you up to?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Where has the week gone?

WOW it has been a packed week. And surprisingly good as well.

 We did Christmas Eve at my brothers with my parents et al and that turned out to be a pretty nice time.
Christmas day DH and I went to my mom's and had brunch. Both my sisters were actually pleasant so it was very nice. We had been going to go to a movie but it was sold out, so that will have to happen yet. My older sister cooked dinner for my mom, and it was actually good! My sister has only recently started cooking much so this was a nice effort. We had shrimp curry since my mom loves Indian, and most ethnic foods. Seem odd for Christmas? Well it is also my mom's birthday so that's what we had.

 On Boxing Day I drove up with my dad and his longtime girlfriend to my grandmother's in Peterborough, about 4 hours away. I had an absolute blast with my cousins, aunts, uncles etc. We packed about 50-75 people into my grandma's house for dinner, which is eaten in shifts, all over the house. Little Bit was dropped off by bio dad around 4 and she did FANTASTIC with the other children. She played with the younger ones until they went off to bed and managed to play with the older ones, with only one or two misunderstandings. I was very pleased.
 It felt awesome to be with family. And you have to understand this is a large Irish Catholic brood, my grandmother had 10 children and they have an average of 4 each, that is loud but loving. I don't know how much is show, as my sisters always insist. It is a very warm loving place to be, not perfect but good. There has been times in the past I wish I had remembered or been as sure of that fact. I would have missed a lot of heartache if I had gone there instead of "home".
While it was a flying trip, we came home yesterday, and I'm really hurting from it, even with the extra drugs the doctor gave me, I'm very happy I went. There is a deep well of something there that I always find fills me in places I didn't know were empty.
 I totally forgot my camera so no pictures but it is something to see.
DH didn't go as he drives for a living right now and wanted some time off, and since he's so large, 6'6'', he doesn't fit in the back well lol.

 Little Bit was eager to come home yesterday and was pushing my dad to leave, which worked better then anyone else ever has. She got to open all her presents that Santa had left, plus mommy and daddy's, and mamaw and papaws. She was very spoiled as Santa left her presents at 3 places, bio dad's, mommy's and a few even at grandma's, which she got tonight.

Her stash at my place.

She had issues with some tape, and was somewhat confused by it.

Princess stocking, filled and holding.

Most of the pictures of Little Bit were blurred, which is ok because it just meant she was tearing into her presents, and that is something that made me so excited. This is the first year this has made any sense to her. It was awesome.

I have to show off the bag my MIL sent me. It is just gorgeous.

It's Vera Bradley, and has lots of nice deep pockets. I've already switched over to it. It easily one of the nicer designed bags. Attractive, but also very functional, which I like because I'm mom, wife and pack mule lol.

And I'll show the shame part of any Christmas with small children.

The waste. Two bags to get rid of the packaging, wrapping, and other non recyclables. Part of the two bags is the down the garbage shoot issue, they can't be packed tight or large. This part always makes me uneasy but I decided that it is necessary to remember the crap that comes with all the crap of Christmas.

  I didn't take a picture but for Christmas my mother bought me an immense amount of sweaters, and a couple pairs of slacks. Apparently she found a very good sale, and was tired of seeing me in clothes that are 2-3 sizes too big. So I now have some nice cold weather clothes. 
And just in time too. We finally got a few inches of snow, and it's supposed to snow on and off all week, today about 2-3 inches is expected. I like it for Little Bit and all the children but I'm worried because DH has to drive in this all the time. And well....people just aren't that good of drivers to begin with, and add snow and things get nasty on the highway.

So I hope all went well with everyone, and you have time to recover.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

 To all glad tidings and peaceful thoughts.

Little Bit comes home tomorrow or Sunday, depending on if we go to my grandmother's and pick her up on the way or have her dropped of here.
She will see this...well and a few more that haven't made it out yet.

Ok maybe more then a few more and a stocking full of goodies.

 I had dinner tonight (Christmas Eve, but after midnight so you know what ever day) at my brother's, after my mom and sisters prepared everything at her house, took it over there, and they are going to have to take everything back after. How this makes sense, or "less work" I will never understand, but it's what was decided by the great poombas so it is as it was. DH came separately after work and I went home with him. It was one of the more pleasant family evenings though.
 The nieces loved their presents so I'm thrilled.

 Brunch tomorrow at mom's, more gift exchanging, and then DH and I are going to the movies! We haven't been in forever so are planning on seeing the Sherlock Holmes, with Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. I'm very much looking forward to it.
 All Santa presents and immediate family gifts are waiting until Little Bit gets home. Which I'm thrilled about.

Oh and I got my cousin's baby quilt quilted and the binding made. I still have to attached the prairie points and sew on the binding. I'm hoping to be able to at least have that done by Boxing Day, assuming I'm still feeling like I can make the trip. If not it can wait until after New Years as the baby is not due until January, and the baby shower will be after then.

Hmmm not a very Christmasy post but I don't think Christmas will be here until Little Bit is home. Can you tell I miss her? Though sleeping in tomorrow will be pretty sweet.

 Merry Christmas and be safe and happy, doing what ever brings you peace and joy.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I still exsist

  So this has been a crazy week. Not much better then last but I'm half way through my time without Little Bit.

We went to a family dinner on Sunday at my uncle's just outside of Hamilton, about an hour away. It was great to see lots of cousins, and the growing brood of cousins children. We tallied it up and there are 10 girls and only 2 boys, 3 if you include my son, of the cousins children, even odder is that of my generation there were 11 girls and 3 boys, so the girls are still taking over. On my dad's side it is pretty even my younger sister and I are thinking.

On Monday we buried my son's brain. It was hard but I'm glad it is done. I put a little praying bear in the velvet bag which held a sealed container and DH lowered it into the hole ontop of his grave. DH also stayed back with my brother, dad, and cousin to fill in the spot. His family, being in NC, weren't able to come which is 100% ok with me, it is too far at this time of year for 15 minutes.

Yesterday a whole lotta nothing happened which is good. Well I did get the doll quilt for my other niece finished. I used cuddly fleece for the back, it's sold for like bath robes and pajamas. Very snuggly. I also bought some in blue for my cousin's baby quilt.

The picture makes it look very unsquare but it actually is pretty good. I should have smoothed it out a bit more before taking the picture.
I haven't washed either, which occurred to be after I'd wrapped them in my marathon of wrapping this afternoon. I'm debating opening them up and washing them, I just love the crinkly softness and I think the girls will too.

I'm a bit worried there may be a fight about the pink one. I did not think of this until after of course but if it looks like there will be I think I may offer to make the younger one a pink one too.

 I know my lines aren't all that straight but seeing as I didn't do any drawing or guides it's not too bad, and I'm improving on the stippling and the binding. Still not great but better. Practice making perfect and all that.

I've got 6 of 12 rows done for nephews quilt. I missed a direction here but no biggie. This is not a final layout, just throwing them down for now. I'll arrange them better later, hopefully having no two fabrics touching.
I love these fabrics more and more.

I've got to run and try to at least baste the baby quilt this afternoon or it will never be done for Boxing Day, which is when I'll be heading to grandma's and will see my cousin. I want to have it done for then but it's not a must.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Has this ever happened to you?

  Yesterday my sister took my daughter out. She wanted to get her a few things, she falls into the since I don't see her often, when I do I will buy her. It's kinda harsh but the truth unvarnished too.
 She bought her one of the dolls, Belle, that Little Bit has been wanting, even wrote and asked Santa for it. And Santa got it for her well over a month ago. And has been building the anticipation for it. And now its ruined. Well that part of it is anyways.
 DH is furious, but I'm just really disappointed. I know my sister wasn't trying to be mean but the thoughtlessness seems a bit much, not that that is anything even remotely new or to be honest unexpected.
 Am I being silly or does it seem like a really stupid/inconsiderate thing to buy a kid a present right before Christmas without asking her parents? I can't afford to  buy a ton of presents so I really put a lot of thought into them, what does she really like, want, will remember,or will be useful.

I feel even more bummed about Little Bit being away now. I at least had her face when she opened her dolls to look forward to, now only one of them.

FYI seems red is the dominate choice for the binding, which would really make the stars the focus. My only thought on black is it would give the whole thing a frame...I still can't decide, not unusual for moi lol

Friday, December 18, 2009

A productive day

 So after my little bout of self pity etc I decided what I really needed to do was some destruction. So I took up my rotary cutter and slashed a bunch of poor innocent charm squares. They were cut up without mercy as I deposited my emotions. So then I had to actually do something with them.
 But back to the fabrics. See I have a problem. I don't like cutting into fabric. Especially precuts.
I know,  I know it makes no sense, but I'm always afraid of ruining them, especially when they are so pretty. But because of my mood yesterday I was able to more or less just grab and go. So I've cut up one of my Rouenneries charm packs, the one I bought for Cindy Lou Who but didn't arrive in time.

 Anyways, I had seen this pattern on Happy Zombie and loved it so figured it could work with Rouenneries. It did. LOL. I had planned on having the red and lights reversed but the numbers worked perfectly this way, and not at all the other so this way one.

I'm still trying to decide on the binding, which is why there isn't any on there. I have a red from the line, or a Hoffman fusion black, or I suppose I could sew the black charms together to make a binding but that would be a massive pain so no that is not an option. I also think I have a flat, solid black somewhere but I'm not a huge fan but it is an option.

What do you think?

How is this ready for binding already you ask? Well you didn't ask but if you know me you know I'm not exactly known for full finishes. I'm not comfortable with my quilting skills and I can't afford to send them out so I end up with a lot of flimsies, not a lot of quilts. Though I'm getting better so maybe there will be more in the future.
Back to this one though. Can you guess? Of course you can. I did quilt-as-you-go. I sewed the the blocks into rows, and then sewed the rows together on top of the batting and backing, which was a piece from the sides of DH's quilt that I had actually remembered to save, and was able to find. Which is impressive for me.
 I may add some more I'm not sure, probably not. Hmm....needs an iron.

Hey, do you think this could use some applique? If so what and where?

 I made these two mugs up, with the molten chocolate cake mix. This is yummy, the only problem can be the microwave times, over cooked and this is not so good. And splenda drys it out. Just saying...
One went to the bus driver and the other is going to Little Bit's teacher, along with an apple pin and earrings. I hope she likes them, she's pretty young so maybe not, but Little Bit picked them out so that's what she's getting lol.

I added some candy canes to the bus drivers. And if I can find some more or if I remember to get some when I go get my meds, will add them to her teacher's too.

   Little Bit is playing hookie with her Aunt Laura today. She rarely gets to see her as Laura has a crazy job in Toronto that rarely lets her get away. She's just got a transfer to another division which is not so crazy, or so she hopes. Seeing as Little Bit is soon to be taken off the regular curriculum and put on and Individual Education Plan, I don't see much harm. She's supposed to take her teacher's gift over later on but if not it can wait until they go back.
 Little Bit also goes off to see bio dad tonight for a week, which she doesn't want to do, so I figured let her have today to do what she wanted, and that was stay with Auntie.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blah, Blah, Blah

 That's kind of all I feel I have to say today. I've not worked on my second doll quilt for Christmas.  I just can't get into it. I don't know if it's because I can't decided whether to use an old block I have, or to break up one of the charm packs for it, but I just have no inspiration or motivation.

 I think I'd use one of the ones that can't go into a larger quilt, because, well....these were made quite a while ago, and the seams look to be off some. At least two of the blocks, but then I could have been just using up scraps at the time to finish them. Or maybe I was asleep when I made them. I don't remember. They are many, many blocks ago. If I do use on I think I'll just add white borders, or maybe a white and then a pink polka dot I have in my stash. I do have to decide soon.

I did manage to cut up my perfectly good layer cake for the nephew's quilt.

Where I had 40 nice 10" squares, I now have 160 5" squares. I'm waiting for a charm pack, which only has 35 squares, in the mail, and I should be able to make this thing about 51x58 or 48x63, depending on the rows and if my math is at all correct. I think 15x13 or 14x14 rows will work best, and I should be able to get away with only adding a square or two of other fabric. It's harder to figure out the sizing when I'm not dealing with something like squares or rectangles. I don't know why but my layer cake (which came from e-bay) didn't have the cardboard back so I will either have to swipe a charm pack one or do something else to make the template for guessed it! Tumblers! lol. I promise this will be the last one for awhile.
I love the colours in this line. Very boy without being jarring. This quilt doesn't really have a time date, seeing as baby is already 10 months old or something like that. I haven't even met him.

 I know one of the reasons I'm so not feeling things is I'm __(insert emotion here)___ about Little Bit being with bio dad for Christmas, and the all of next week, and the fact that I have to bury the rest of my son's remains on Monday that the hospital (illegally/immorally/unethically) kept after his autopsy. I'll be glad for it to be done but nothing can fix that I've had to relive all of this. If you wish you can read more about it here and a bit more here, if you don't, don't feel bad. This is my quilt blog but every once in awhile life sneaks in here too, just ignore if you please.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Letter to Santa

 Dear Santa,

  I've been reeeeally  good this year, well ok, only mostly good. Life would be no fun if I was good all the time.
And my stash would never grow, and growing my stash is good for the economy didn't you know? So it can't be naughty to sneak in a piece or two here and there, especially those always needed basics.

If I was being good and only asking for something small I'd ask for a dessert roll, maybe this one?

Or a layer cake perhaps? Like this one

But mom always said to put something bigger on there, just in case you had some extra room in the sleigh, so I'll mention this,  because it's so pretty but well, it just isn't in the cards for me right now.

 This gorgeous and fun kit, if you could include the backing that would be awesome.

 So Santa if you could see to bringing me any of these I'd really appreciate it. But just knowing you're out there granting some wishes this season is a wonderful feeling.
Those awesome elves at FatQuarter Shop and the Jolly Jabber are forwarding these letters to you Santa so make sure you remember that they have been super good this year!

Have a safe and fun trip this year Santa,


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Best laid plans o' mice and women...

 So I did finish the doll quilt, which grew quite a bit from what I'd planned but that's ok. I'm fairly happy with it.

  I added a 3 inch border around the tumblers so it finished at about 29"x24", which I think is big enough to use with a Cabbage Patch doll, which is roughly the size of my niece's favorite doll. The blue from the backing shows through the white some, which I wanted because otherwise the white was too stark against the Nature Chorus fabrics.

 I used a left over piece of blue fleece for the backing, and quilted a stipple over the tumblers and did echo quilting on the edges. LOL I sound like I actually quilt, which I do a very poor job of. One of my corners for the binding actually turned out square though! YAY lol. I bound it using left over Sunshine strips from an old project.

 I ran into a problem with the baby quilt. The backing/fleece panel I bought turns out to be the wrong size for what I want. The way the panel was I'd end up cutting off the little duckies heads so I think I'll head over tomorrow and try and find some plain fleece for it or an all over repeating pattern.

Since I've noticed everyone's been showing off some of their decorations I thought I'd show some of my favorites from our tree. They're a collection of DH's, Little Bit's and mine. Can you guess which ones belong to who? LOL

 The placemats didn't even enter my world so hopefully this week.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Goodies in the Mail

 I got a call from the mail lady yesterday afternoon. I had a package. I was somewhat confused as I hadn't ordered anything that should be here yet.

 I headed down figuring it was a mistake but lo and behold it was for me! From the amazing Rene! I'd won a giveaway on her blog. Now you have to understand asides from winning a free ticket or two in the lotto I've not won ANYTHING since I was 10, and that was the only thing I'd ever won. I have the worst luck you have ever seen. If not for bad, I'd have no luck. Which I often have thought would be better.
 So thank you Rene for both the awesome gifts and for giving me a bit of good luck.
My goodies? These amazing beauties.

I'm in love with the circles. I don't know if I'll make yo-yos or applique them but no matter what they are beautiful and cheery. The charm packs will make a lovely Schnibble. And the note cards are so pretty.
I was honestly blown away. So again, thank you Rene!!

Little Bit is off for her weekly sleepover with Grandma. Every Friday that they're both in town, Little Bit has to go to bio dad occassionally and grandma for work, they have a sleep over. It is the highlight of her week, both the hers lol. Little Bit was home again today, her chest being quite rattly and coughing etc that I figure school wasn't a good idea but she's almost always well enough for grandma lol.
Maybe she'll take her medicine better for her then me. With me it's a full out fight, and she is more stubborn then I am, if it can be believed.

 I'm hoping to get one of the doll quilt tops finished, the baby quilt at least basted if not quilted, and DH wants more of the placemat I made a few weeks ago. It is currently handing on the wall as a Christmas decoration.
I also need to get to the post office and mail out the goodies from my giveaway. I'm so sorry for the delay but that's kids for you.

Oh and if anyone out there has any experience with lidocaine infusions for chronic pain I'd appreciate any info on how you found it, and if it worked for you. I'm scheduled to start them in January and am a bit uncertain.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

More Stockings and Tumblers

  I finally finished Little Bit's Princess stocking last night. This thing gave me more problems then the other two combined, and I'm not really sure why.
 First I had issues with the design, trying to figure out just how to do this, with the three fabrics I had picked up at Walmart. I know, I know, LQS and all that. They wouldn't have had the material and it would have been without exaggeration twice the price. So I bought it at Walmart.

 Anway. I have no idea why I didn't decide on a design before buying fabric, well I do, Little Bit has been sick this week, today is her first day back, and I had my sister watching her while I was at an appointment. The appointment was near the Walmart so I slipped in there on my way home.

  I bought three fabrics, a pink shimmer, a Princess repeat fabric, and shimmer purple with stars. Now I normally buy fabrics in fours, it just seems to work out best that way. But I bought three. And the princess fabric wouldn't work for the stocking as the images were too big. So I spent a day humming and hawing over it and came up with this.

 I stippled the back, and did some quilt as you go on the front, I had the batting and front sandwiched when I did the applique, and I just added some snowflakes to finish it up. I should have sewn around the foot of the stocking to anchor it for when I sewed the front and back together but oops. It means the foot is a bit more squshed then I'd like but not bad enough to try and unsew. I'm going to hit one of the craft stores to see about one of those fabric pens that puff up on the fabric to write her name on the crown.
Just in general I had trouble getting this to line up etc, I sewed the ruffle down into the stocking and had to pick that out. Little things that make you so glad when it's done.

 I also slipped into the very long line at the post office to pick up my packages when on the way home. It was from Fat Quarter Shop! YAY! And I got this

and these

 I've already cut into the Nature's Notebook for my niece's doll quilt. I'm again making tumblers, but this time I cut the charm pack into 2.5" squares before shaping them. WOW what a lot of fuzz and fibers. I was sneezing and coughing the whole time. Hopefully they're acurate. I wish I could find an acrylic or whatnot in tumblers, but with either a 2.5 or 5" base. It would be so useful. Oh well. The doll quilt should have 13 rows of 13. Not particularly lucky but I don't think she'll notice, as she's 3.
   I told DH he had to wrap the sampler box for me from Santa.

And YOOOO I figured out how to get the pictures to download onto this POS laptop I've been using. I just had to download the driver. No biggie and I feel like a tool for not thinking of it sooner. But oh well. Now I don't have to wait for DH to download the pictures and put them on a flashdrive for me.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Stocking Madness

   I made DH a new Christmas Stocking. He's a HUGE Alabama Crimson Tide fan. Apparently so is Rebel, the younger of my two Maltese. He got on top of my cutouts. I used the red for the lining. I think he was trying to claim this one, but well...DH is much, MUCH bigger lol.

 I had DH helping with the design and placement of the applique, which is wool felt. I've really gotten into using wool felt, at least for Christmas appliques. I'm not 100% sure why, but I think it really gives things a Christmas feel. I embroidered the Alabama 'A' on the football, I'd meant to do it before I sewed the parts all together but forgot. I had to do it once it was totally finished, but it didn't turn out too bad, and I only tried to sew the entire stocking together once.

DH absolutely loved this stocking, and has taken pictures to e-mail to his cousin and daddy back in NC, they too are Alabama fans.

 I used the same fabric as the lining for the heel patch and the background for the snowman. DH wouldn't let me add bells to the toes, aparently that is not manly lol. We decided to go for the cuff instead of the ruffle for the same reason, I think. I'm rather impressed with myself for getting the fabric direction right on both sides of the stocking. Notice the snowman's helmut? I cut out on of the helmuts from the fabric, fabric glued it to the wool and zig zagged around it all. I don't intend for this to be washed much so I'm hoping it won't fray.

  I've got myself into it though, now Little Bit has decided she wants a princess stocking, so I'm going to have to hit either Walmart or Fabricland, as the quilt stores here don't stock anything like that, mostly because the quality of the fabric isn't very good. My thinking is when she's older she'll want another stocking that suits her more so the fact it won't survive too many years doesn't matter. 

 Wool felt always felt primitive to me,and I'm not really a huge fan of the primitive style. It just doesn't suit me I guess, but then I started seeing it used in non-primitive work and really loved the texture, and warm feel it adds to things. So when the one of the projects from the blog hop awhile ago was a wool penny mat I decided to try it, and LOVED it. So now I'm a wool convert, total novice still as I've worked with nothing but wool felt, and those just the colours I can pick up at the store, but it is fun, and especially for tiny pieces easier then fabric applique.

 I got the border added onto my baby quilt. I really like how it accents the piano key middle border. I'm hoping to get this sandwiched and quilted this weekend. I'll then sew the prairie points on and add the binding. I think that will work best. I'm using a large fleece panel/blanket that was on sale for the back, and maybe I'll leave out the batting all together. I love using soft, fuzzy backs for baby/smaller children quilts. It just makes them so cozy!

I got the pictures from Little Bit doing the draw yesterday! Ignore the mess and her wearing her towel as pjs, my moment of reality if you will lol.  I interupted her play time to get the pictures. She is feeling some better today, only a slight fever, compared to the raging one yesterday. I've fingures crossed she'll be well enough to go to the Christmas concert tonight at her school.

I think I missed the postman yesterday so I'll have to wait to this evening or tomorrow to pick up my package at the post office. I'm hoping its my Christmas present from the Elves at Fat Quarter Shop. Speaking of which, they are doing 12 Days of Christmas so you should head over. Every day a different line will be on sale! I'm heading over now.

Have a great day!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Giveaway winner! Or is it Winners??

 Well Little Bit is sick today but she still did the draw for the giveaway. I'll post pics of it later but to the important part......The Winner of the FQs, pincushion, and pin toppers is......

  Quiltmom of Quiltmom's Journey

Congratulations to a fellow Canadian! E-mail me at carad at with your address and colour preferences for your roses and I'll send them out right away!

But wait there's more!

 Because she thought this was so much fun Little Bit drew two more names. Jessica and Rebecca P.! You will each be receiving two custom rose pintoppers! E-mail me your address and colour preferences for your roses. 

And since so many came over from her blog Quilt Hallow also gets two rose pintoppers! Same deal-eo!

 If I haven't heard from someone by December14th, I'll redraw.

Thank you so much to everone who entered. It was a great deal of fun! I'll have to have another giveaway soon....hmmm I'm sure I can come up with an excuse reason to have another one, don't you think?

Friday, December 4, 2009

They changed blogger!

AH! The compose blog thingy has changed. Don't people know I don't do well with technological change?! I was comfortable with the other. This is new and scary.
Oh well. I shall adapt because one thing I am very good a is adapting. Though there is no spell check as I can see so this may get ugly.
I've got many entries into the giveaway, , which is still open until Sunday, so if you haven't entered, do it! Do it now! ;)
These are just the FQs up for grabs, there is also a pin cushion and FOUR your choice of colour rose pin toppers.

 Yesterday, Little Bit and I decorate our little Christmas tree. It's a 4-ft artificial but it makes her happy so I'm not going to feel guilty about not having a monster tree with a billion decorations. I haven't got the skirt finished but it will be done this year. That is my pledge to me, which can be broken for any number of reasons without guilt. ;)

   This evening Little Bit and I went with my mom, or grandma as she is now called, to the annual Christmas Craft Show. I really didn't buy much because while so much is so very pretty, I really don't have a lot of room, and to be honest, things are the same, same, same.
Maybe it's because we've been going for years, I don't remember a year I haven't gone, or maybe it's because I also go to the two other major craft shows in town, but nothing hit me as new and WOW.
Like I said, a lot of pretty, but nothing to really grab and make me buy.
DH did get his treats, which were butter tarts and date squares. He really like these ones so it's the trade off for me going, and normally bringing something home that we have no need or room for.

On the quilting front I finished making the prairie points for the Picnic/baby quilt. I dug out a Peas and Carrots charm pack from a couple of years ago and decided to use that. I had picked up some fabrics at the discount fabric store, but they didn't work well enough on their own so I'll probably use them for a scrappy-ish binding.

I also got some fun in the mail. I'd ordered some charm packs of Sandy Gervais' Essence, and a made up charm pack of black fabrics of Marcus Brothers Nightscape from an ebay shop
I had thought to use them for this month"s Schnibble but since it's Tuffets I think I'll hang on to them for something else.
Or to just pet lovingly and crazily.
Which ever.
I'm still waiting for my order from FQS, my Christmas present from Santa and some charm packs to make doll quilts for my niece, and another one from eBay, a cute layer cake of Dinosaur Uproar, which I'll be using to make a Tumbler quilt for my nephew because his more complicated quilt is not getting done anytime soon. The pattern is on the non-functioning laptop, and every time I touch the blocks I muddle them up, I've unsewn I don't know how many times only to make the same or equally dumb mistake.
Have you ever had something you just HAD to leave? A UFO but one that is just causing more headaches then it"s worth? This has become that.

This weekend will not be fun because of a cluster f*** at the pharmacy I was using for my pain meds. They decided to be semi-closed today, as in no pharmacist, just a tech there to give out people's already filled perscriptions. And they decided to not refill my script like I spoke to them yesterday about. But they did enter it in the computer that they had filled it. Which means I could neither get me meds or get my perscriptions so that I could take it to another pharmacy to be filled. Oh yeah and the doc wasn't in either.
After a lot of, "let me talk to _____" and "I'll check this and that" and me having to take a DRUG test, I was given sample packs of ONE of my THREE pain meds.
So most likely I will be an unhappy girl till sometime Monday, or maybe Thursday or Friday depending on how my body reacts to being without meds, and how quickly I re-adapt to being back on them.
Needless to say I will be going back to my old pharmacy, which is one of the big chains and if it's open, there is a pharmacist on duty. And it's open every day but stat holidays. This pharmacy is connected to the pain clinic I go to but I've had enough of their crap. Long lines, waiting an hour or more for my prescription to be filled etc etc etc. This was the last straw.

 So how has the last few days been with you?