Friday, December 4, 2009

They changed blogger!

AH! The compose blog thingy has changed. Don't people know I don't do well with technological change?! I was comfortable with the other. This is new and scary.
Oh well. I shall adapt because one thing I am very good a is adapting. Though there is no spell check as I can see so this may get ugly.
I've got many entries into the giveaway, , which is still open until Sunday, so if you haven't entered, do it! Do it now! ;)
These are just the FQs up for grabs, there is also a pin cushion and FOUR your choice of colour rose pin toppers.

 Yesterday, Little Bit and I decorate our little Christmas tree. It's a 4-ft artificial but it makes her happy so I'm not going to feel guilty about not having a monster tree with a billion decorations. I haven't got the skirt finished but it will be done this year. That is my pledge to me, which can be broken for any number of reasons without guilt. ;)

   This evening Little Bit and I went with my mom, or grandma as she is now called, to the annual Christmas Craft Show. I really didn't buy much because while so much is so very pretty, I really don't have a lot of room, and to be honest, things are the same, same, same.
Maybe it's because we've been going for years, I don't remember a year I haven't gone, or maybe it's because I also go to the two other major craft shows in town, but nothing hit me as new and WOW.
Like I said, a lot of pretty, but nothing to really grab and make me buy.
DH did get his treats, which were butter tarts and date squares. He really like these ones so it's the trade off for me going, and normally bringing something home that we have no need or room for.

On the quilting front I finished making the prairie points for the Picnic/baby quilt. I dug out a Peas and Carrots charm pack from a couple of years ago and decided to use that. I had picked up some fabrics at the discount fabric store, but they didn't work well enough on their own so I'll probably use them for a scrappy-ish binding.

I also got some fun in the mail. I'd ordered some charm packs of Sandy Gervais' Essence, and a made up charm pack of black fabrics of Marcus Brothers Nightscape from an ebay shop
I had thought to use them for this month"s Schnibble but since it's Tuffets I think I'll hang on to them for something else.
Or to just pet lovingly and crazily.
Which ever.
I'm still waiting for my order from FQS, my Christmas present from Santa and some charm packs to make doll quilts for my niece, and another one from eBay, a cute layer cake of Dinosaur Uproar, which I'll be using to make a Tumbler quilt for my nephew because his more complicated quilt is not getting done anytime soon. The pattern is on the non-functioning laptop, and every time I touch the blocks I muddle them up, I've unsewn I don't know how many times only to make the same or equally dumb mistake.
Have you ever had something you just HAD to leave? A UFO but one that is just causing more headaches then it"s worth? This has become that.

This weekend will not be fun because of a cluster f*** at the pharmacy I was using for my pain meds. They decided to be semi-closed today, as in no pharmacist, just a tech there to give out people's already filled perscriptions. And they decided to not refill my script like I spoke to them yesterday about. But they did enter it in the computer that they had filled it. Which means I could neither get me meds or get my perscriptions so that I could take it to another pharmacy to be filled. Oh yeah and the doc wasn't in either.
After a lot of, "let me talk to _____" and "I'll check this and that" and me having to take a DRUG test, I was given sample packs of ONE of my THREE pain meds.
So most likely I will be an unhappy girl till sometime Monday, or maybe Thursday or Friday depending on how my body reacts to being without meds, and how quickly I re-adapt to being back on them.
Needless to say I will be going back to my old pharmacy, which is one of the big chains and if it's open, there is a pharmacist on duty. And it's open every day but stat holidays. This pharmacy is connected to the pain clinic I go to but I've had enough of their crap. Long lines, waiting an hour or more for my prescription to be filled etc etc etc. This was the last straw.

 So how has the last few days been with you?


Lesly said...

I know what you mean re: craft fairs - I feel desensitized to them now, everything is cute as can be but nothing jumps into my hands. That's probably for the best, though! I hope your weekend is manageable - take care of yourself!

LJ said...

I looooooove date squares! I've got a batch or two to make for the holidays. Just have to get that spirit first. Can you email me so I can write you??

Anonymous said...

I rarely get overly excited at craft fairs these days...its all cute (don't get me wrong)...I think it is the fact I have enough? Did I say that? Enough? Can one ever have enough? Nah!

Carrie P. said...

So sorry about your presciptions problems. I have had to deal with that too. I know a lot of people use Walmart but every time I have gone there the lines are tremendous. So I use Sam's pharmacy. Don't know if you have them up where you are at or not but I never have to stand in a huge line and most times I never have problems with presciptions being filled.
I love those fabrics you used for your points. Very cute.
Those goodies from the craft show look very yummy.

Carrie P. said...

Hey Cara,
I wanted to let you know that you don't have to use the new blogger thing. I am not. I know others said they tried it and didn't like it either and went back to the old way. Not sure how you do that but maybe you can figure it out.

Anonymous said...
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