Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I still exsist

  So this has been a crazy week. Not much better then last but I'm half way through my time without Little Bit.

We went to a family dinner on Sunday at my uncle's just outside of Hamilton, about an hour away. It was great to see lots of cousins, and the growing brood of cousins children. We tallied it up and there are 10 girls and only 2 boys, 3 if you include my son, of the cousins children, even odder is that of my generation there were 11 girls and 3 boys, so the girls are still taking over. On my dad's side it is pretty even my younger sister and I are thinking.

On Monday we buried my son's brain. It was hard but I'm glad it is done. I put a little praying bear in the velvet bag which held a sealed container and DH lowered it into the hole ontop of his grave. DH also stayed back with my brother, dad, and cousin to fill in the spot. His family, being in NC, weren't able to come which is 100% ok with me, it is too far at this time of year for 15 minutes.

Yesterday a whole lotta nothing happened which is good. Well I did get the doll quilt for my other niece finished. I used cuddly fleece for the back, it's sold for like bath robes and pajamas. Very snuggly. I also bought some in blue for my cousin's baby quilt.

The picture makes it look very unsquare but it actually is pretty good. I should have smoothed it out a bit more before taking the picture.
I haven't washed either, which occurred to be after I'd wrapped them in my marathon of wrapping this afternoon. I'm debating opening them up and washing them, I just love the crinkly softness and I think the girls will too.

I'm a bit worried there may be a fight about the pink one. I did not think of this until after of course but if it looks like there will be I think I may offer to make the younger one a pink one too.

 I know my lines aren't all that straight but seeing as I didn't do any drawing or guides it's not too bad, and I'm improving on the stippling and the binding. Still not great but better. Practice making perfect and all that.

I've got 6 of 12 rows done for nephews quilt. I missed a direction here but no biggie. This is not a final layout, just throwing them down for now. I'll arrange them better later, hopefully having no two fabrics touching.
I love these fabrics more and more.

I've got to run and try to at least baste the baby quilt this afternoon or it will never be done for Boxing Day, which is when I'll be heading to grandma's and will see my cousin. I want to have it done for then but it's not a must.


hetty said...

I love the little doll quilts and the baby quilt looks like it will be a big hit. I am glad that your son's burial is complete now. It must have been difficult to do all that over again. Take care of yourself! There is still a lot of feasting and celebrating to come.

Thelma said...

Nice job on the quilts, I bet you're right, there will be a fight over the pink one! So sorry your missing Avigail, hopefully the remaining days will go fast.

Tough week for sure, next will be better.