Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blah, Blah, Blah

 That's kind of all I feel I have to say today. I've not worked on my second doll quilt for Christmas.  I just can't get into it. I don't know if it's because I can't decided whether to use an old block I have, or to break up one of the charm packs for it, but I just have no inspiration or motivation.

 I think I'd use one of the ones that can't go into a larger quilt, because, well....these were made quite a while ago, and the seams look to be off some. At least two of the blocks, but then I could have been just using up scraps at the time to finish them. Or maybe I was asleep when I made them. I don't remember. They are many, many blocks ago. If I do use on I think I'll just add white borders, or maybe a white and then a pink polka dot I have in my stash. I do have to decide soon.

I did manage to cut up my perfectly good layer cake for the nephew's quilt.

Where I had 40 nice 10" squares, I now have 160 5" squares. I'm waiting for a charm pack, which only has 35 squares, in the mail, and I should be able to make this thing about 51x58 or 48x63, depending on the rows and if my math is at all correct. I think 15x13 or 14x14 rows will work best, and I should be able to get away with only adding a square or two of other fabric. It's harder to figure out the sizing when I'm not dealing with something like squares or rectangles. I don't know why but my layer cake (which came from e-bay) didn't have the cardboard back so I will either have to swipe a charm pack one or do something else to make the template for guessed it! Tumblers! lol. I promise this will be the last one for awhile.
I love the colours in this line. Very boy without being jarring. This quilt doesn't really have a time date, seeing as baby is already 10 months old or something like that. I haven't even met him.

 I know one of the reasons I'm so not feeling things is I'm __(insert emotion here)___ about Little Bit being with bio dad for Christmas, and the all of next week, and the fact that I have to bury the rest of my son's remains on Monday that the hospital (illegally/immorally/unethically) kept after his autopsy. I'll be glad for it to be done but nothing can fix that I've had to relive all of this. If you wish you can read more about it here and a bit more here, if you don't, don't feel bad. This is my quilt blog but every once in awhile life sneaks in here too, just ignore if you please.


hetty said...

Sorry to hear all this. It's a terrible thing to have to face over and over. And this time of year doesn't help either. Sending warm hugs and positive thoughts your way, Cara. Hopefully you will get your mojo back soon. I love those colourful fabrics for your nephew's quilt!

Anonymous said...

Holy shit about the brain thing....I went back and read your other posts and would love to read the whole story. What happened to your son?

I think quilt blogs are best with life in them. I posted just last night about how I feel like I can't really be ME in my own blog because I've created such a nicey nice persona....ok there's really more to it but that's essentially it.

I think creating while out of it, in rage, dealing with stuff is sometimes best. Start something new for yourself though. I find it hard to quilt for others while I'm working through my own thing.

Anonymous said...

:( Heartfelt thoughts friend. I think December for whatever reason is an added addition to feeling blue at've had heartache for sure....however on a happy note...those fabrics are fun and funky and should be a delight to play with!!

Miriam said...


Rene' said...

Oh, Cara, I am so sorry. I went back and reread your older posts. I cannot imagine how you are coping today. Sending hugs your way! Quilting is a great healer/stress reliever/escape from reality as well as quilt blogging. Use it as best you can. Your quilting looks great, and I, for one, never get tired of seeing your tumblers ;-))