Saturday, January 19, 2013

Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day!

    Jan 24th is Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day! It's an idea put together by FabShopHop people to celebrate our local quilt shops!
Several bloggers have been asked to profile their local shops, why they love them, why our LQS are important to the quilt/sewing community, and all the other fun things that they mean to them. You can find the list of blog hoppers here.

 My local shop is Hyggeligt (think Google it with and h) Fabrics, which is located in downtown London.
 For those that are local it's at 515 Richmond, in the plaza, you have to go through the walk way in the middle to find it. She's just moved down a unit into a much bigger space so there will be lots and lots of new fabulousness to come!
There is even a great space for a classroom!

 Hyggeligt is owned by Chantal, who is a really fun person, and she turned her love and collection of Kaffe Fassest fabrics, along with lots of other great fabrics like Liberty of London, Free Spirit etc, into an uber modern shop.
I know it may sound odd that my favorite shop is uber modern in focus, because I'm not really a modern quilter. I love bright fabrics, I like some large prints, but I do lean more traditional in the sense my quilts tend to have designs, or symmetry or whatever else you want to throw in there for your personal definition of modern vs

 Along with cottons Chantal has a growing selection of voile (so incredibly soft!), velveteen, Dupioni silks, and organic fabrics.


There is also a huge collection of the gorgeous Oakshott Cottons from England. They have such a shimmer, depth and elegance, but are still easy to work with. 

  I love the amount of colour in her shop, I love that she carries Aurifil thread (which is actually how I found her shop), I love the patterns & books she carries (both clothes and quilts), I love that she will pretend to care what I say as I talk her ear off for an hour or two, I love that she's put the effort into founding a Modern Quilt Guild in the city for all of us who don't fit the traditional guilds,and in general I just love going in an soaking up the creative, bright and friendly atmosphere that is Hyggeligt Fabrics.

What is your favorite shop? What makes it special?