Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Machine binding

I prefer the look of hand binding but sometimes time requires binding by machine. I've always had problems with it but after using the Clover wonder clips it's easy peasy! I use Pat Sloan's method of sewing onto the back first and then folding over and using the sew line from the back to guide the front binding.
With the clips you can sew right up to them, and then it pushes the clip and I just snatch it off. I've tried pins, and other clips but nothing has worked as well as these wonder clips, and they don't distort the fabric so it look good everytime!
They come in packages of 10 and 50. I got the 10 and will definitely be getting the larger pack. These will replace straight pins in a lot of things, save time and blood! lol

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Diamond Hexie Quilt

I'm going teach a class at Cornerstone Quilts on epp using this as my example! Just need to knife edge bind it and it will go hang up in the shop to get some people interested!
When I know the exact details on the class I will let you all know. I'm also going to be teaching Twilight, and how to make my quilted wraps, which are back in my etsy shop!

I hand sewed the hexies together using Aurifil 50 wt thread, it worked beautifully. I also hand quilted all but the white areas. I used a combination of Aurifil 50 wt, 40 wt, and Lana wool 12 wt,  and each one worked wonderfully. I had very little twisting and knotting, almost not breakage and I didn't even have to use thread wax!
The white areas I machine quilted with the Aurifil 50wt on my frame.

I'm really happy I was able to hand quilt most of this one, but I can definitely say I will never be a hand quilter. I really do enjoy machine quilting, especially on the frame, much more. Hand sewing I can enjoy but the hand quilting itself wasn't relaxing for me.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Turn!! Bar Hop Quilt Along!

   I'm always so excited to be asked to be part of Quilt Alongs! Today's my day in the Bar Hop put together by the fabulous Scott over at Blue Nickel Studios.

My block is fairly simple but when I was putting it together I was thinking of friends around a table, and the way a good night at the bar spreads out and included lots of tables around you until the whole pub is friends and laughing.

You can get the pdf file here.I also included some ideas for a layout using four of the blocks.

There is still lots of time to get caught up in the quilt along!
October 1 Amy Ellis
October 2 Lynn Harris   
October 3   Heather Jones    
October 4   Jacquie Kunkel    
October 5 Ashley Jones
October 6  Emily Cier 
October 7 Scott Hansen
October 8 Jan Peoples
October 9 April Rosenthal
October 10 Amy Lobsiger
October 11  Cara Quilts <<< moi
October 12   Konda Luckau
October 13  Alethea Ballard
October 14 Charlie Scott