Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Ok I know I said this about the Pennsylvania Dutch BOM but I think I HAVE to do this one Le Jardin from Fat Quarter Shop.
I saw a tease on Bunny Hill's blog and fell in love. Then I saw it again on FQS site. I really, really want to this one. It will come out to $30/month for 9 months. I can swing that. DH's newsgroups is about the same amount. And this would give me so much pleasure. And I even like the border fabric, which is rare.
Ok. Next pay day I'm signing up. I have decided. I'll look at it every day from now til next Friday and if I'm still in LOVE it, I'll do it.

That's my test for things. If I look at them frequently, for a week or two, and still love it, I'll probably keep loving it. Unlike most impulse things, which I stop loving after a few days. The opposite is true, if I hate something after seeing it for a while, it isn't going to grow on me, but just because I didn't like it the first time, doesn't mean it won't become an all time favorite. Example? Well I didn't like Urban Indigo, by Fig Tree Quilts, when it first came out. Now it is one of my fav's and I really wish I had bought more than a charm pack in it. Real regret there.

This is what I made with my one charm pack. Don't look close because no points match, and in fact most are chopped off. This is what happens when I simply start sewing and cutting and don't plan. And forget about a little thing called a seam allowance. But it is still one of my favorites because the fabrics just mellow me. Weird how when I first saw them though they did zilch.

On Pins and Whimsy will be stocked soon. More about that later.

And I think my Blackberry has died. All it'll do is show the little hourglass thingy. Not helpful, as my life is on that blasted thing. At least all contacts and appointments.

But I must remember that I'm healing better than expected and must be grateful for that and let the other things slide. Because really, how much does it really matter if I miss something? Or have to look up a number online, or heaven forbid in the phone book?
Not at all. Which I hope keeps me calm. This is the test of how bad the crackberry addiction is, can I live without it for a week. Yes. Because really I don't have any other option right now.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Home from the Hospital

I've finally arrived home after my hysterectomy. I developed a damn fever so had to stay a few extra days.
Asides from being in pain and sore, which is surprisingly only slightly worse than from a c-section, I'm doing well now.

The big bummer? I'm not allowed to lift/carry anything more than 5lbs for 8weeks! Which leaves me relying on DH for everything, so far so good, but it means I can't do anything in the kitchen unless he's there, can't even lift my own laptop. This dependancy will drive me nuts but I'll try to enjoy the service for now.

Obviously no sewing has been done but I'm hoping that tomorrow before he goes back to work he'll set up my machine and I can do some that has been sitting around waiting, like Lillebet's Garden's sashing.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Busy Weekend

I have my in laws up from North Carolina and I have enjoyed it immensely. Two more loving people I could not imagine. Quirky and wonderful. I truly wish we could see them more often, like once or twice a week instead of once a year.

You have to head over to Happy Zombie. She has posted a fantastic free bag pattern. It really is adorable and I can't wait to make one. Bags of all kinds really are a weakness of mine, and when they can be more or less little quilts, using my fav fabrics, AND are really quick...well really what could be better? I will no disclose the numbers of bags, purses, handbags, sacks etc that I have. It's absurd really. And I want to make more lol.

This weekend we did apple picking, a family tradition since I was little and we'd go pick 100 lbs of apples and make 30-50 pies in a weekend to freeze. It something I hope we never stop doing. It is so enriching in so many ways.

and today was Little Bit's birthday party for her friends.

It was a blast. We had it at Little Gym, and really all I did was bring cake and pizza and sit back and watch. It was so well done. I was really pleased.
The kids had a blast, and spent about 1 1/2 hours in the gym just having a riot. They were moving so fast I got few decent pictures.

Here's the blocks laid out for Lover's Knot. I really think I will like this when it is finished.
This picture was taken before DH's quilt made it onto our bed.

I also have bought a few blocks from this session of the Patchwork Party. I like the blocks, and the fabrics more or less. But the cost is ridiculous, $7 a block? Plus $2s/h?. And $100-150 on top of that? I'm thinking of buying the fabric and making my own blocks, many are recycled patterns from previous Parties and only two of the finishing kits do anything for me, and the one I'd want to change the dominate colour. So we'll see. I think I'd need the 1/2 yard bundle and maybe another 1/2 yd of the ecru.
Forgive the pictures. I didn't take the time to fix them up any.

Tomorrow I go into the hospital for four days for the hysterectomy. Hopefully I'll be back in blog land in a week or so. I think I'll have the Etsy shop fully stocked then too. It's just a matter of getting good photo's of the pins and getting them all listed. The shop will be names On Pins and Whimsy
So until then, take care!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

First Year of Schnibbles

I got the top done for the first project in the Year of Schnibbles, I doubt I'll get it quilted before teh surgery on Monday. And after I'm out of commission for about 4-6 weeks, no lifting anything more than 5lbs, and no real movement for 1-2 weeks, I'm only in the hospital for 4 days though.
My geese all turned out badly, but since I didn't have another charm pack they got used anyway. I fudged the browns (wow that sounds dirty) and they are ok but there wasn't much hope for the reds. Since Little Bit decided she liked this one it will be made into a quilt for her "babies". Which will put it on the back of the couch half the time probably. Though one of the puppies looks like he wants to claim it.

I don't think I'm going to add applique. The fabrics were strong enough to not leave too much empty space. And the holly leaves I tried to add just didn't look right so, no applique this time....but it will happen lol.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fair time!

It has been a SUPER busy week. Little Bit started grade one on Tuesday, turned 6 on Wednesday, and had her first experience with bullies, DH turned 31 on Thursday and Friday I spent the entire time Little Bit was at school binding DH's birthday quilt, Saturday was family birthday dinners, and today we went to the local "fair". Wow, reading that it really was busy.
I'm going to be lazy and do a pictures only. My blog, my rules lol.

The only thing I have to say is Elephant Ears, essentially funnel cakes that are just round thin disks instead of cakey, are heaven on earth. No nutritional values whatsoever, not to mention full of wheatie badness (I'm gluten-intolerant). Once a year, maybe ever two, worth the reaction.

And more pictures of the pin toppers. I'm going to have to have my cousin take the pictures for me I think. Mine just don't come out well enough.

And in the Year of Schnibbles front I have completed one block, and figured out the colour placement for the rest, I think.
I'm going to end up adding applique to the empty space on the quilt. Empty space bothers me. Which is porbably half the reason I'm such a pack rat lol. We'll see how much gets done before the surgery. Which I'm not thinking about.

Hopefully I get caught up some this week and have some more quilty pictures so share.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Can you tell?

I get bored easily lol. I love that it's so easy now to change the look of the blog. As soon as I find my camera cord I will be showing some pictures of the 49 Lover's Knot blocks I finally got finished. I also finished a bunch more pin toppers.
Which is brings me to an annoyance. I tried to mail some out. Twice. At different post offices. And they were both closed. For a WEEK. WTF? Seriously. They're doing a bunch of upgrades, so apparently they're closing offices for a week or something.
They are coming. I promise.
I also have a PSA. Clean the lint out of your sewing machine. Often. I set my timer yesterday to work on Lover's Knot, and it took my 30 minutes to do 2.5 blocks, because the thread kept breaking. I clean out the bobbin area, removing it and spraying with the air can spray, and no more breakage. The only thread problems I had after that was an empty bobbin. And I got 7 more done in that last 20 minutes of my hour.

Little Bit went to her first non-family Birthday Party yesterday and it was a blast. It was the same place, different location, Little Gym, where she's having her birthday party in a few weeks. It was great and I think it worked out well. So I'm more excited for her party.

Now I'm off to find the blasted cord for my camera.