Sunday, September 6, 2009

Can you tell?

I get bored easily lol. I love that it's so easy now to change the look of the blog. As soon as I find my camera cord I will be showing some pictures of the 49 Lover's Knot blocks I finally got finished. I also finished a bunch more pin toppers.
Which is brings me to an annoyance. I tried to mail some out. Twice. At different post offices. And they were both closed. For a WEEK. WTF? Seriously. They're doing a bunch of upgrades, so apparently they're closing offices for a week or something.
They are coming. I promise.
I also have a PSA. Clean the lint out of your sewing machine. Often. I set my timer yesterday to work on Lover's Knot, and it took my 30 minutes to do 2.5 blocks, because the thread kept breaking. I clean out the bobbin area, removing it and spraying with the air can spray, and no more breakage. The only thread problems I had after that was an empty bobbin. And I got 7 more done in that last 20 minutes of my hour.

Little Bit went to her first non-family Birthday Party yesterday and it was a blast. It was the same place, different location, Little Gym, where she's having her birthday party in a few weeks. It was great and I think it worked out well. So I'm more excited for her party.

Now I'm off to find the blasted cord for my camera.

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