Sunday, September 20, 2009

Busy Weekend

I have my in laws up from North Carolina and I have enjoyed it immensely. Two more loving people I could not imagine. Quirky and wonderful. I truly wish we could see them more often, like once or twice a week instead of once a year.

You have to head over to Happy Zombie. She has posted a fantastic free bag pattern. It really is adorable and I can't wait to make one. Bags of all kinds really are a weakness of mine, and when they can be more or less little quilts, using my fav fabrics, AND are really quick...well really what could be better? I will no disclose the numbers of bags, purses, handbags, sacks etc that I have. It's absurd really. And I want to make more lol.

This weekend we did apple picking, a family tradition since I was little and we'd go pick 100 lbs of apples and make 30-50 pies in a weekend to freeze. It something I hope we never stop doing. It is so enriching in so many ways.

and today was Little Bit's birthday party for her friends.

It was a blast. We had it at Little Gym, and really all I did was bring cake and pizza and sit back and watch. It was so well done. I was really pleased.
The kids had a blast, and spent about 1 1/2 hours in the gym just having a riot. They were moving so fast I got few decent pictures.

Here's the blocks laid out for Lover's Knot. I really think I will like this when it is finished.
This picture was taken before DH's quilt made it onto our bed.

I also have bought a few blocks from this session of the Patchwork Party. I like the blocks, and the fabrics more or less. But the cost is ridiculous, $7 a block? Plus $2s/h?. And $100-150 on top of that? I'm thinking of buying the fabric and making my own blocks, many are recycled patterns from previous Parties and only two of the finishing kits do anything for me, and the one I'd want to change the dominate colour. So we'll see. I think I'd need the 1/2 yard bundle and maybe another 1/2 yd of the ecru.
Forgive the pictures. I didn't take the time to fix them up any.

Tomorrow I go into the hospital for four days for the hysterectomy. Hopefully I'll be back in blog land in a week or so. I think I'll have the Etsy shop fully stocked then too. It's just a matter of getting good photo's of the pins and getting them all listed. The shop will be names On Pins and Whimsy
So until then, take care!

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