Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Catching up!

Basics Charity Challenge can be found here. Only 1 week left!

Well once again far too much time has gotten by without me posting here. I will get more organized and get posting more, it's just a matter of time, I really can't get any worse!!

I do have some exciting news to share, ok not that exciting to most but for me it is! I was asked to contribute to something. And it comes out in April. And it involves fabric, laminate fabric to be exact.
That's all I'm going to say for now but keep an eye out because I'll be sharing more later.

Right now I'm trying to decide on what colour or colours to paint my sewing room. I think I've got it down to about 4 colours but who knows if that will change before I get my little sister here to paint for me.

I also have been working on lots of projects that I can't show you. And depending may not get too for a while. But can I just say I ADORE Stitch in Color?? The blue from this may be my favorite, ultimate favorite. But I say that every other month when a new one comes out. But it is fantastic.

I also got some Tilly, Daisy Janie's newest GOTS certified organic line. If you are at all interested in organic fabric you have to check out Daisy Janie. Not only is her stuff beautiful with a gorgeous feel, its responsible and she knows more then anyone I think on the environmental issues facing out industry.

But one thing I have been working on that I can is embroidery! I've fallen in love with it.
It all started with Bari J and We Love French Knots, and was pushed further by Lynette Anderson at Quilt Market and then even more by Natalie Lymer of Cinderberry Stitches.

It's become a bit of an obsession. I really love having it to do when laid up or just relaxing, and even cooler is the fact that Little Bit and her friends have also gotten into it. They ask to do it every few weeks and they all have 4" hoops they are working on. It just makes me so excited to see them stitching and loving it! And the improvement they're showing just as they practice is awesome!

In my exploring embroidery I've learn several things and was wondering if you'd be interested in some posts on embroidery? I've found some neat products and some useless ones.

And like most of us I ever once in awhile troll Etsy and I found these awesome earrings!! I seriously <3 them. I got them from Annette, who has all sorts of neat earrings.

So that's it for now but I will be back soon!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Guest Blogging

Today I'm a guest over on Crafty Tammie! You can check out what I like about Valentine's Day and what crafting Little Bit and I got into.

Don't forget about the Basics Charity Challenge! We're 1/3 of the way through February. Make sure to get involved so you can win some awesome prizes! Just leave a post on the the Challenge post about what you donated! And remember we're talking basics, a hairbrush, or some shampoo counts! It really is that easy!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Basics Charity Challenge - Comment Post

For the month of February I will be once again issuing a Challenge to all of you.

Last year I started the Basics Charity Challenge. You can read what sparked it here.

The response was wonderful! So many donations were made to local shelters and we gave away a lot of 'prizes as thank yous, that I've decided to do it again.

This year I have set up a Flickr group so you can upload a photo of your donations.

So what is a basic?

 In our daily lives we have a lot of things we think of as basics.
This morning you brushed your teeth with a toothbrush and tooth paste.
 You used toilet paper.
Had soap to wash your hands.
Put on some deodorant.
 Ran a brush through your hair.
Maybe took a shower with shampoo, conditioner, body wash and a razor.
Put some make-up on.
You were able to put on clean underwear and socks, that no one else has ever worn.
In the kitchen did you grab some paper towels to clean up a little spill?
At some point during the day you probably grabbed a coffee or tea.
Used some tissue to blow your nose. Maybe sanitized your hands after.
I could go on but you probably have the point by now. We have a LOT of things that we consider basics. 
  In each of our communities there are places that people don’t have the very basic things we all take for granted. Shelters- for abused women/children, homeless, men’s missions, - exist in virtual every community. They are a necessary safety net for people in our communities who for an array of reasons need help. But these shelters are almost always in need of the basic items. Many of the people have had to leave everything behind, or don’t have anything to begin with.
Last year I received many emails from people telling me how either they or someone they know had had to use a shelter, and how much these very basic items can mean.
If you are lucky enough to never had need of a shelter, are protected and loved by your spouse, been supported by family and friends, give thanks by helping those who aren’t.
Spread the word, blog, tweet, facebook, tell your guild, email your friends. Let’s see how many people we can get to help out their community. The best way to solve a problem is to be involved.

The Challenge is this:
Go drive past your nearest shelter for abused women/children or the homeless.
See if there is a sign, if not call. Ask what they need. Check online, they probably have a website and most have a list of what is needed at that particular time.
Shelters are always in need of things like paper towels, toilet paper, new underwear, new socks, diapers, new hairbrushes, shampoo, tampons/pads, baby hygiene items, hand soap/sanitizer etc
Next time you are at the store pick up a few of the items for the list. Take a picture of the items and then go drop them off at the shelter or drop off point.
If your community doesn’t have a shelter, or its location is confidential and there is no drop off point for donations, you can donate through the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.Or in Canada the United Way provides funds to many shelters. If  you are international there is the Red Cross.
 Add your picture to the Flickr group so you can upload a photo of your donations. If you don't have an account, they're free, you can email me the picture and I will put it up for you. You can also send me the picture to upload if you wish to be anonymous. Leave a comment on this post telling me you did, with your flickr id or the first part of your email address.The flickr pictures are NOT a requirement.
In advance Thank you. Thank you for caring for your community members, for taking the time to donate.

Note- the code for the button is
<a href="" title="Basic Charity Challenge 2012 by cara quilts, on Flickr"><img src="" width="159" height="146" alt="Basic Charity Challenge 2012"></a>

The prizes!
More are coming!

Kate Spain is donating a jelly roll of Fandango!

Robert Kaufman fabrics is donating 2 fat quarter bundles!

C & T Publishing (Stash Books) is donating 2 books (ebooks if non-US winner)

Fat Quarter Shop is giving prizes!

Rachel Griffith of p.s.i.quilt is donating some of her patterns!

Kelly from I Have A Notion is donating 2 prizes!

Cloud 9 Fabrics is donating!

Marmalde Fabrics is donating a $40 gift certificate again this year!

Sew Chelle is donating a $20 g.c as well!

Robin Wilson is giving away some King Tut from Superior Threads, from her shop, Ormondbeach!

I expect like last year we'll have more prizes soon!!