Sunday, May 30, 2010

May Schnibbles

  This month was a free choice for Schnibbles and I chose Hot Cross, which I've loved in every colour scheme I've seen it in. I dallied around waiting to order my pattern, which still isn't here, luckily a friend gave me the cutting instructions and I was able to put the blocks together. My Schnibbles Times Two book came with Le Jardin's Block 6 so it all worked out since Hot Cross is in the book.

All I can saw is I LOVE this pattern, especially in this line, which is Aster Manor by 3 Sisters for Moda. I desperately wish I could have made it bigger, still using the smaller block size, but it was not in the cards this month so it's going on my watch list, hopefully when the line goes on sale I'll be able to find it cheap somewhere and can make a bigger version.
Mason really liked it too, you can see him in the picture trying to decide how long it will be before he can steal it.

I'm off to work on my Cha Cha Challenge pinwheel quilt, and the placemats.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Final Cha Cha Challenge

So Niki over at Stitchin Howdy announced the last challenge and it's place mats! Which I desperately need so I know I'm in! You can still join in and be eligible for prizes! LOL though since I want to win maybe I shouldn't encourage you ;)

But it's so easy how can I not? Just use some charms, along with some yardage if you want/need, and make any kind of place mat you want. Post to the Flickr group and you could win!

Friday, May 28, 2010

A flimsy finish

I decided instead of starting a new project for this week's Cha Cha Challenge, which was home decor so I went with a wall hanging with a wreath on it, I'd finish one I'd started but not got very far so I finally finished Chateaux Duma, which is a pattern by Nancy at My Threads. Ok I only finished the top but it still counts because I ran out of thread!

You have to forgive the blue painters tape but because this only uses 1 charm pack the borders are stretched but I'm pretty sure I can quilt it down, which is what Nancy did and her's looks wonderful.
I again ran very close to running out of thread on this one.

I came this close again with the thread I was using to piece which means I really need to hit the store this weekend to get some thread.

Block 6 of Le Jardin arrived today, and so did my Schnibbles book! And it was only 10 days after shipping which lately is fantastic time.

Another Cha Cha Challenge was to make a quilt with charm squares, well that's easy lol since I've been doing Year of Schnibbles but I wanted to do something different because, well it's a challenge right? So I came up with a pattern and started making it but I've fallen behind so here's a peek of the pink and orange winged geese in my pinwheels.
What do you think? Eventually it will be 45x54 before borders in a 6x7 setting.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Random sewing

 I'm still waiting on the new screw needle clamp, throat plate, and free motion foot for my machine so I've not gotten any quilting done on Nephew #2 or Little Bit's quilts. One isn't born yet so doesn't care, the other...well she's a gettin' antsy.

 I did get Block 7 done for the Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt Along.  I like this block but I'm really getting worried about the background, the blue, is also supposed to be the sashing. I think some of these blocks are going to look like they're floating and some look like the sashed blocks.

I didn't do a block because I really didn't like it/think it'd work so I've left it out for now but here are my blocks so far.

Here is the binding all done and the quilt washed and dried in a completely unstaged, unedited photo.

Like I said before it's not the best quality work, my seams are very much off, and my basting has improved, so has my quilting but I still love this quilt and am committed to using it.
So far it's been to soccer twice, once while being bound and once to cuddle up with.

I'm working on a project for Bake Shop which I can't show you until it's revealed there, which feels very odd since I normally show most of what I'm working on and excited about but I promise it shouldn't be too long!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


 I have to say thank you for all your wonderful entries. I really enjoyed everyone's endings for Make Life...

But alas there can be only one winner so using the lovely random number generator the winner of the Make Life binder cover is....#28Pokey!
Send me your information and the dimensions for the binder you want to use this for and I'll whip it up Pokey.

Monday, May 24, 2010


I'll be drawing for the giveaway in the morning so you can still enter here!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Night Sew-In

I fell asleep after Little Bit went to bio dad's so I'm afraid I'm not getting much done this Sew-In.
I got the blocks done for this month's Schnibbles, which was a free choice. I went with Hot Cross which I have loved in every colour way I've seen.

I did this one in Aster Manor and I absolutely have fallen in love. I know I tend to make these bigger but I wasn't planing on it this time. I can't decide now what to do. I really love this pattern and the fabrics just make it so scrumptious! But I'd never get more fabrics in time for this to be done by the end of the month.

I also got 3/4 of the binding sewn down on a UFO that's been sitting around for about 2 years. It's not the best example of workmanship on my part but I adore the fabrics, Allspice Tapestry from Fig Tree. It's going to be a picnic/park quilt so will live in the minivan for at least the summer.
I got it stitched down while babysitting for my brother's girlfriend when she had to take her mom to the hospital. Which is fine, and so was she, but it meant I missed a package which has me bummed because I can't get it until Tuesday. But I'm definatly off to check out what everyone else is up to tonight and to check out the Blogger's Quilt Festival.

Blogger's Quilt Festival

It's time for another Blogger Quilt Festival hosted by the wonderful Amy for all of us who didn't get to go to Market. Thanks Amy! The last two were tons of fun so I can't wait to check out everyone's quilts this time around.

 I'm choosing to show my first Moda Bake Shop quilt, Whimsy Square.

The story of this quilt is really just that I wanted to use up some of the little charms that came in the Moda Bake Shop Sampler but wanted something bigger so I needed to come up with something. I knew it would be smaller so I went with the Whimsy, which is Fig Tree's first children's line, though it's not really all that juvenile, or maybe it is and so am I!
After making this quilt I realized I could make it exactly the same with a charm pack and jelly I did! This time I used Eden and am in the process of basting/quilting it for my daughter.

This quilt means a lot to me, not so much because of the fabrics or design, which I will say I still love lol.
It's important because it was really a step for me to put it out there and submit it for the Bake Shop and for so many people not only to see but to give them my directions on how to make it.
This sort of thing terrifies me but I'm trying more and more to not let it stop me, especially when it is something I want to do.

The legacy of "Whimsy Square" is that I have three more projects approved for Moda Bake Shop! And I can't wait to get started on my next quilt to share with everyone. I always enjoying seeing other people's work so I like being able to show something in return.

Oh and I have a giveaway going on here. The deadline is Monday, May 24th in the evening.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Accu-Go Entry

So IHAN is having a giveaway for an Accu-Go, which I desperately want, if for no other reason then to help stop my slicing of fingers with my rotary cutter!!
If you know me at all you probably know two things
1) I'm a total klutz, just this morning I gave myself a fat lips taking out the recycling, and no I'm not elaborating further and 2) that I have little to no ability to organize or stay organized.
So here is an unedited picture of the stash/sewing area, which has been recently "organized" for the surprise-to-DH in-laws visit next month.
This is embarrassing but here we go.
The stash took over a shoe organizer..
Under the window...

And the main of it in pantries from Canadian Tire...

I'm hoping to figure out what to do with it all because I've come to a pint where I know I won't use some of it and it's just becoming more stressful then helpful.

So there it shame and joy all in a few pictures lol.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A better handbag

First, if you haven't entered my Make Life... Binder cover giveaway you can still do so until next Monday here.

 I finished another tote for my MIL which I like much better, the tote, I've always loved my MIL lol.
The colours are very bright, but DH says she'll love it. I need to get some more thread to finish a bit more decorative top stitching but it's essentially done. There are a total of 6 pockets inside, and the two on the front. I love pockets and think everyone else should too! 
Everything for this tote came out of the stash which makes it even better!

Check out the Flickr pool for French General Fabrics! You know how much I love my Rouenneries so I can't wait to see everyone's amazing creations.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

200th Post which means....

Another Giveaway! This time I'm giving away a Make Life binder cover!

I have the braid made and will add it to a cover once the winner gives me the dimensions of the binder they want to use the cover for.
This is again an easy one. Just leave me a comment about Make would you finish the sentence for one chance, and become a follower/be a follower and leave me a comment about that too for a second entry!

That's all! I'll leave the giveaway open until....I don't know....May 24th, which is a Victoria Day here in Canada so this will be a good way to celebrate the 2-4.
Good Luck!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bits of this and that

I got the most wonderful package in the mail today from Bitty Bits & Pieces! I won a crocheted flower clip in her giveaway a while back and it came today! It's the perfect pick me up on this very dreary day.
It arrived all prettily wrapped.

And was even cuter unwrapped!

I got Block 6 done in for the Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt Along.

I did like this one, much better then block 5 which I never did make up.

DH and I went to see the new Iron Man 2 tonight. It was pretty good if you like comic book action movies, which DH does, and I do some of the time. It was a fun movie and DH enjoyed it immensely so I think that's a successful date.

I'm afraid I didn't get much me sewing today unless you count the sampler block. I think this week is going to end up being a wash for quilting anything just for the heck of it.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Another tote

First I want to say thanks to everyone for the support regarding my feelings on Mother's Day. It was hard but I'm so thankful for understanding blog friends!

 I made up this bag for my MIL. DH chose the fabrics but was not a lot of help on how he wanted it to look, he'd asked me to make it for her for Mother's day.

I have to admit I'm not happy with this one. I don't like the fabrics and it just didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped. I do like the double pocket on the front though. I know I'm self-critical but this really didn't work out.
 I think I'm going to have to make another one because this one is just not doing it for me. I think I'll give her both though...this could work for grocery shopping etc. It is pretty big.

I think tomorrow I'm going to work on something just for least fun for me.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

 To all who do "mothering" be it to your own children, you friends, or your community Thank You!

My mother refuses to accept that Mother's Day is very hard for me since losing our son almost 5 years ago now so she took my Little Bit out to get me a present and card. I managed to convince Little Bit I had something in my eyes and wasn't crying but seriously it hurts so much sometimes still.
I know now that Little Bit is more aware, it's important for her to be able to take part in these holidays and such so I understand. But some days I wish this day didn't exist, especially now that I can't have anymore children.

Sorry for the moroseness. I don't mean to bring anyone down but I do want to keep this blog somewhat real. These are my real moments.

Friday, May 7, 2010

I can't decide

Fat Quarter Shop has a new BOM coming out in July called Tiny Town that I think is too cute. I can't decide if I should sign up for it or not. It's another of Anne Sutton so I know the instructions are good, with full size applique patterns. The fabrics beautiful and classic.
It would over lap Le Jardin by about two months though.

This week's Cha Cha Challenge is an apron! I'm super excited, though I still don't know what pattern to make. I'm thinking maybe this one from Moda Bake Shop or maybe doing the half apron from the pattern I made for my sister. I know I want it to have good pockets. I'm always wanting to throw things in my pockets, it's easier then setting them down and then not remembering where I put them.

If I do the half apron I'll do the body from charms.
What do you think?

Well I got a bee in my bonnet about getting this apron done and it turns out the apron on Moda Bake Shop would not be close to big enough so I went with the Domestic Goddess half apron.

I used one charm pack and not even a whole yard of fabric. I really like how this turned out.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Le Jardin Block 5

So while you were all lighting up my e-mail with comments from the giveaway I was working on Block 5 from Le Jardin. This block is another multiple in one and is super cute. I can't embroider the clothesline until I have block 6 done, and the middle dress' bow gets added on after quilting so here is block 5 as it will be for a while.
I had trouble getting a good picture but I'm very happy with the block. It's very cute and turned out well.

Fabricland has it's member's save 50% off sale until Saturday.

I picked up Cuddliscious for the backing of Little Bit's quilt. It's pink and red hearts and super soft and snuggly. It's sewn up for backing and packed up until I can take it to mom's and get it basted.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

And the winner is...

Oh wait that would be winnerS.
I was a bit blown away by the number of entries, and new followers, many of whom followed in other ways then blogger. So I went back to the stash and cut two more sets of squares.

The wonderful picked #22, which is tracy_a, to win the 120 5" squares.
The winners of 110 5" squares are....#30 CourtneAl and #45 busymom!
Please e-mail me your address so I can send them out. If I don't hear from you by Sunday I'll re-draw.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


 I've decided to have a giveaway for followers since I hit over 50 followers, 56 to be precise lol. Don't worry there will still be a 200 post giveaway, probably next week since this will be post 193, and it will be open to everyone.
Before we get to the details I want to say Thank you to everyone for your nice and supportive comments about my class experience. You have no idea how much I appreciate your kind words. I wish I could give you all a huge hug.

Now to the giveaway.
Remember Tagalong? Well I went back to the 30's stash and cut two 5" squares from each of these fabrics. The fabrics are RJR, Marcus Brothers, and some I don't know because the salvedge was already cut off or didn't say.
A total of 120 5" squares are up for grabs. Just be a follower and leave a comment. That's it. No hoops or tricks.
I'll draw the winner using the random number generator on Wednesday.
Good Luck!

And it was good

 Yesterday's class with Beth Ferrier was awesome. She is one talented, funny, and nice lady.

She also had this great projector/camera set-up going so we could always see what she was talking about. It was great.

I'm not going to show you my samples because they're awful but I think I learned enough that with practice they'll be ok. If you ever get the chance to take a class with Beth, do.

She gave out these great little spiral bound books as the class handout just full of information.
The only draw back of the whole class was that I was the youngest one there by 20-30 years, and the looks I kept getting from other students made me uncomfortable with that, and I was the only one without a Berina/Pfaff machine, and the quilt store owner mentioned it several times. Not my favorite way to make someone comfortable in a shop.
But these things can't take away from the fun I had listening and learning from one of my quilt heroes.

I do have a slight probelm with my machine. Can you see it?

The needle clamp screw has a groove worn into it from my free-motion foot. Has anyone else ever had this problem? I'm going to take my machine in to get check out/cleaned this week so hopefully there will be a simple solution, and I'm hesitant to practice any of the things I learned yesterday in case it could actually wear through.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

More excitement

 For me anyways. I want to say thank you to everyone who left a comment about Thursday's post and the Bake Shop. I'm so thrilled and so grateful that people actually liked it! I was terrified I have to confess. If you didn't get a response to your comment or e-mail it's because you're a "" and I couldn't. Check out this post to see how to change your settings.

And now as I come down off having my pattern on Moda Bake Shop I get to take a class with the awesome Beth Ferrier. I didn't get into the her two-day applique class but I am taking her one day machine quilting class, which let's face it I desperately need. Beth's books taught me how to applique and her videos gave me the nerve to try it so I'm looking forward to her quilting class.

And since I can't do posts without pictures here's the thread catcher/pincushion I made up.

And here is some fabric that arrived recently.

The Blush is the backing and binding for Blushing Sunday and I picked up some Frolic too, because, well I have a mini charm and a charm pack and I have to figure out something to do with them. :)
Not to mention Sew Dang Cute was having a know how this goes, right? I'm not the only one? Right?