Friday, May 28, 2010

A flimsy finish

I decided instead of starting a new project for this week's Cha Cha Challenge, which was home decor so I went with a wall hanging with a wreath on it, I'd finish one I'd started but not got very far so I finally finished Chateaux Duma, which is a pattern by Nancy at My Threads. Ok I only finished the top but it still counts because I ran out of thread!

You have to forgive the blue painters tape but because this only uses 1 charm pack the borders are stretched but I'm pretty sure I can quilt it down, which is what Nancy did and her's looks wonderful.
I again ran very close to running out of thread on this one.

I came this close again with the thread I was using to piece which means I really need to hit the store this weekend to get some thread.

Block 6 of Le Jardin arrived today, and so did my Schnibbles book! And it was only 10 days after shipping which lately is fantastic time.

Another Cha Cha Challenge was to make a quilt with charm squares, well that's easy lol since I've been doing Year of Schnibbles but I wanted to do something different because, well it's a challenge right? So I came up with a pattern and started making it but I've fallen behind so here's a peek of the pink and orange winged geese in my pinwheels.
What do you think? Eventually it will be 45x54 before borders in a 6x7 setting.


Anonymous said...

Isn't that Schnibbles book wonderful..I bet you've flipped through it many times already. Your little charm quilt is going to be lovely when finished...I can see it already!!

hetty said...

Nice work, Cara! Hope you get some more thread. I'd love to see these things finished.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I'm lovin your little charm quilt.
Schnibbles are the best. You did cut it close on that thread didn't you?

Thelma said...

I thought the wreath was part of your Le Jardin project until I read your post. That is lovely handwork Cara!

You are going to town on those little quitls! Very clever, I like the looks of it.