Sunday, May 2, 2010

And it was good

 Yesterday's class with Beth Ferrier was awesome. She is one talented, funny, and nice lady.

She also had this great projector/camera set-up going so we could always see what she was talking about. It was great.

I'm not going to show you my samples because they're awful but I think I learned enough that with practice they'll be ok. If you ever get the chance to take a class with Beth, do.

She gave out these great little spiral bound books as the class handout just full of information.
The only draw back of the whole class was that I was the youngest one there by 20-30 years, and the looks I kept getting from other students made me uncomfortable with that, and I was the only one without a Berina/Pfaff machine, and the quilt store owner mentioned it several times. Not my favorite way to make someone comfortable in a shop.
But these things can't take away from the fun I had listening and learning from one of my quilt heroes.

I do have a slight probelm with my machine. Can you see it?

The needle clamp screw has a groove worn into it from my free-motion foot. Has anyone else ever had this problem? I'm going to take my machine in to get check out/cleaned this week so hopefully there will be a simple solution, and I'm hesitant to practice any of the things I learned yesterday in case it could actually wear through.


hetty said...

Glad you enjoyed the class. I hope your machine can be fixed. I'll bet all the others in the class were looking at you and wishing they were 20-30 years younger! From the wonderful things I have seen on your blog I would say you don't need a fancy machine to turn out lovely quilts!

hetty said...
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hetty said...

Sorry Cara. I had to delete one of my comments because I posted it twice.

Sewing Junkie said...

Age means nothing. I was the youngest sewing teacher in Illinois for the Singer Company years ago. I went for some training and got most of the compliments and also got more work done. You can do the same. Just think of how many more quilts you will have in your collection. I like Beth's method and use it myself. Chris

kimland said...

I can relate to what you are saying about the age thing and not having "the machine." I took a class last fall and though I was not as young as you I felt like I "stuck" out in the group and then I also did not have "the machine." The instructor for class could not have been nicer and I think she also noticed I was not part of the local group and continuously came over to me to visit and see how I was doing she seemed to give me extra attention, which I loved. Do NOT let others make you feel uncomfortable. You have a talent and by taking the workshops, your opening your mind and doors that will lead you many places. The machine thing is like not having the best car in the parking lot. I always "want" something else but I have what I need or can afford at the time. I simply need something that will get me from point a to point b and perhaps one day I will drive something different. Keep up the great work that your turning out and keep on sewing with what ever machine you have. You are inspiring others!!! If only these ladies had realized who they were sitting with, one day they will say "hey, I took a class with her" and didn't realize who SHE, WAS!" Their loss!

Heidi said...

I too have been the youngest in a few classes.. but I just tell myself that they are "looking" at me because they are proud that the art of quilting/sewing won't be lost on the next generation. We will keep on stitchin.. and learn from their experience!

LJ said...

I'd be having fits if my machine was in the shop! Good thing I have back-ups that are good with piecing at least.
I felt that way when I went to check out our quilt expo they had here this weekend. I had 2 quilts on display. I tried talking to some of the ladies and they were so snooty.
I also felt like my two quilts didn't belong there. Too modern and contemporary.

Amy said...

I did the same thing recently. Sue Nickels was at a quilt shop teaching a class. I was the only one without a Bernina. I felt a little strange but everyone was very gracious and kind. No one said anything and I thanked the store for bringing in such a good teacher. Unfortunate that someone said something to you. I can imagine that it made you a little uncomfortable. Anyhow glad you blew it off and enjoyed the opportunity to learn from someone so talented. Good luck with your sewing machine repair.

Laura said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the class in spite of your "differences", although I don't think it was right at all for the shop owner to keep pointing out that you didn't have what she deemed to be an
acceptable sewing machine.

Anonymous said...

WOw, sorry people were acting ignorant! Too funny on the Berninas, cause Iam a traitor, I dumped my Bernina 150, well, ok, I didn't dump it...Its living behind a couch in the sewing room.
ANyhoo I treated myself to a new Janome 6600. WOW! The coolest machine ever!
Everything I sew is so much eaiser and smoother on this Janome comapared to a Bernina.
Don't let the machine snots get cha down, they'd be snots in any type of group!
Iam 55 soon...gah, and am teaching my 31 yr. old neighbor, and a lady who is 34 to quilt/sew...
I constantly encourage them to "do thier own thing" when it comes to sewing...
Gael of "Pink-a-Palooza"

Anonymous said...

Poo poo on them and shame on them for giving you looks etc!! When I first learned to quilt it was on a cheap Kenmore. I'm thankful to one of the woman who taught me many tricks that it doesn't have to be a fancy machine...she is absolutely right! Those things come in have that on your side!!

quiltmom anna said...

You are a wonderful quilter who brings much to others with your talents.
You can have the fanciest machine in the world and do nothing with it. It is the person who creates with the tools that one has. Not everyone has fancy machines to make quilts- it is not important. I am sorry that was your experience- I have been to classes where people had fancy machines and only used certain fabrics and such. Some stores are better at celebrating and welcoming all people to their classes.
I will look forward to seeing your next project. Hope the machine foot problem is easily solved.
Warmest regards,

Rene' said...

Cara, glad you got the opportunity to take that wonderful class!! Good for you for not letting some nasty comments ruin your fun. Why do people have to be like that? I had a similar experience (unfortunately, not the age thing...ha) but with not having the fancy machine. Obviously, you are doing wondering work with the machine you have. Good luck with the repair.