Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Where has the week gone?

WOW it has been a packed week. And surprisingly good as well.

 We did Christmas Eve at my brothers with my parents et al and that turned out to be a pretty nice time.
Christmas day DH and I went to my mom's and had brunch. Both my sisters were actually pleasant so it was very nice. We had been going to go to a movie but it was sold out, so that will have to happen yet. My older sister cooked dinner for my mom, and it was actually good! My sister has only recently started cooking much so this was a nice effort. We had shrimp curry since my mom loves Indian, and most ethnic foods. Seem odd for Christmas? Well it is also my mom's birthday so that's what we had.

 On Boxing Day I drove up with my dad and his longtime girlfriend to my grandmother's in Peterborough, about 4 hours away. I had an absolute blast with my cousins, aunts, uncles etc. We packed about 50-75 people into my grandma's house for dinner, which is eaten in shifts, all over the house. Little Bit was dropped off by bio dad around 4 and she did FANTASTIC with the other children. She played with the younger ones until they went off to bed and managed to play with the older ones, with only one or two misunderstandings. I was very pleased.
 It felt awesome to be with family. And you have to understand this is a large Irish Catholic brood, my grandmother had 10 children and they have an average of 4 each, that is loud but loving. I don't know how much is show, as my sisters always insist. It is a very warm loving place to be, not perfect but good. There has been times in the past I wish I had remembered or been as sure of that fact. I would have missed a lot of heartache if I had gone there instead of "home".
While it was a flying trip, we came home yesterday, and I'm really hurting from it, even with the extra drugs the doctor gave me, I'm very happy I went. There is a deep well of something there that I always find fills me in places I didn't know were empty.
 I totally forgot my camera so no pictures but it is something to see.
DH didn't go as he drives for a living right now and wanted some time off, and since he's so large, 6'6'', he doesn't fit in the back well lol.

 Little Bit was eager to come home yesterday and was pushing my dad to leave, which worked better then anyone else ever has. She got to open all her presents that Santa had left, plus mommy and daddy's, and mamaw and papaws. She was very spoiled as Santa left her presents at 3 places, bio dad's, mommy's and a few even at grandma's, which she got tonight.

Her stash at my place.

She had issues with some tape, and was somewhat confused by it.

Princess stocking, filled and holding.

Most of the pictures of Little Bit were blurred, which is ok because it just meant she was tearing into her presents, and that is something that made me so excited. This is the first year this has made any sense to her. It was awesome.

I have to show off the bag my MIL sent me. It is just gorgeous.

It's Vera Bradley, and has lots of nice deep pockets. I've already switched over to it. It easily one of the nicer designed bags. Attractive, but also very functional, which I like because I'm mom, wife and pack mule lol.

And I'll show the shame part of any Christmas with small children.

The waste. Two bags to get rid of the packaging, wrapping, and other non recyclables. Part of the two bags is the down the garbage shoot issue, they can't be packed tight or large. This part always makes me uneasy but I decided that it is necessary to remember the crap that comes with all the crap of Christmas.

  I didn't take a picture but for Christmas my mother bought me an immense amount of sweaters, and a couple pairs of slacks. Apparently she found a very good sale, and was tired of seeing me in clothes that are 2-3 sizes too big. So I now have some nice cold weather clothes. 
And just in time too. We finally got a few inches of snow, and it's supposed to snow on and off all week, today about 2-3 inches is expected. I like it for Little Bit and all the children but I'm worried because DH has to drive in this all the time. And well....people just aren't that good of drivers to begin with, and add snow and things get nasty on the highway.

So I hope all went well with everyone, and you have time to recover.

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Thelma said...

What a happy time you had with your family!

I hope you have a happy and healthy New Year.