Monday, December 14, 2009

Letter to Santa

 Dear Santa,

  I've been reeeeally  good this year, well ok, only mostly good. Life would be no fun if I was good all the time.
And my stash would never grow, and growing my stash is good for the economy didn't you know? So it can't be naughty to sneak in a piece or two here and there, especially those always needed basics.

If I was being good and only asking for something small I'd ask for a dessert roll, maybe this one?

Or a layer cake perhaps? Like this one

But mom always said to put something bigger on there, just in case you had some extra room in the sleigh, so I'll mention this,  because it's so pretty but well, it just isn't in the cards for me right now.

 This gorgeous and fun kit, if you could include the backing that would be awesome.

 So Santa if you could see to bringing me any of these I'd really appreciate it. But just knowing you're out there granting some wishes this season is a wonderful feeling.
Those awesome elves at FatQuarter Shop and the Jolly Jabber are forwarding these letters to you Santa so make sure you remember that they have been super good this year!

Have a safe and fun trip this year Santa,



hetty said...

Here's hoping that Santa makes all your wishes come true.

Carol said...

Great letter to Santa. I hope your Christmas wishes come true.

Rene' said...

Hope Santa decides you've been good this year. Love your Christmas theme blog header.

Anonymous said...

Dear Cara,
I do not really know what you are going through, but I have been through enough in my life, and recent years, to know to hold you and your family up in prayer! I will pray that you are given peace and strength, and that your emotions and heart will be healed. Please know that you are not really alone, but that even if people like me can't put our arm around you in person, we can put our heart around you in prayer and thoughts. God bless you always!