Saturday, December 19, 2009

Has this ever happened to you?

  Yesterday my sister took my daughter out. She wanted to get her a few things, she falls into the since I don't see her often, when I do I will buy her. It's kinda harsh but the truth unvarnished too.
 She bought her one of the dolls, Belle, that Little Bit has been wanting, even wrote and asked Santa for it. And Santa got it for her well over a month ago. And has been building the anticipation for it. And now its ruined. Well that part of it is anyways.
 DH is furious, but I'm just really disappointed. I know my sister wasn't trying to be mean but the thoughtlessness seems a bit much, not that that is anything even remotely new or to be honest unexpected.
 Am I being silly or does it seem like a really stupid/inconsiderate thing to buy a kid a present right before Christmas without asking her parents? I can't afford to  buy a ton of presents so I really put a lot of thought into them, what does she really like, want, will remember,or will be useful.

I feel even more bummed about Little Bit being away now. I at least had her face when she opened her dolls to look forward to, now only one of them.

FYI seems red is the dominate choice for the binding, which would really make the stars the focus. My only thought on black is it would give the whole thing a frame...I still can't decide, not unusual for moi lol


Pokey said...

I think it would not have been intentional to be thoughtless, here, but I don't know your sister.
It's very inconsiderate, when you tell someone you know your spouse wants an ipod dock, an iphone or tickets to the concert, but don't buy the ipod because that's what you've saved up to get, and then when your MIL says "Open mine first" and she bought the ipod.
That's inconsiderate. That's intentionally inconsiderate.
Yes, this happened, but not to me.
And yes, I know the MIL was thoughtless of said DIL.
Sorry for your disappointment, don't stay upset too long, it's not worth it!!

hetty said...

You are down at the moment. Your DD is not sleeping in her own bed. You are still dealing with hospital crap. You are in constant pain and most probably suffering from fatigue as well. And now you have to find Little Bit another gift that she will cherish as much as a Belle doll. You have a lot on your plate. Go and do something that is just for you. Buy youself something, get a manicure or just take a leisurely bubble bath. You need to be kind to yourself. Things will work out in the end. I know you are disappointed and upset right now, but a doll is not something to lose a family member over. Sending you warm thoughts and cyber hugs.

Anonymous said...

Iam so sorry this happened...Ya, thoughtless..On purpose? Umm, passive aggressive I think its
I have an identical twin sister, and she is totally rude...
Take the high road with your sis, at the same time I might sit her down and explain things...
Take care, have a Blessed Christmas hun...
Gael form Pink-a-Palooza

hetty said...

Okay, Cara, I'm back. I have thought about what I wrote last night and although I don't want to erase it, I think I have to add that you cannot let this just lie dormant and fester. You need to communicate to your sister how upset you are. I don't mean like yelling and screaming! Try to stay unemotional and just tell her the facts. She needs to know so that she doesn't make the same mistake again.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure your sister just wasn't thinking. It sounds like she doesn't have children of her own and doesn't realize that things like Christmas gifts are planned (and bought)well in advance by most parents. In my family we always tell each other what we have bought for each others children so that it doesn't happen. We also have a rule that NO ONE is allowed to buy for themselves in November or December (even birthday money has to be saved until after Christmas). Explain it to her nicely and I'm sure that next time she will check with you first.
Have a Merry Christmas!

Rene' said...

Hey, Cara, can you tell I'm getting caught up on a week's worth of blog reading? So I've seen that you've had quite a week. So sorry that all this is going on around the holidays. I'm not great at giving advice...always afraid someone might take it and really screw things up ;-))) Just know that your daughter loves you and will love whatever you/Santa bring her. We all have our family drama to deal with....believe me...I am a big believer in venting (like here on your quilt blog) and then not letting it bother you...easier said than least for me...but I try.

I will be hit or miss with internet access over the next week or so, but will try and check in with my blogging buddies as I can ;-))) Wishing you a joyous Christmas Hugs.