Thursday, August 12, 2010

The frantic pace

 It's been mentioned several times that I seem to be just producing like made and it does seem like a bit of a frantic pace.
I think there are two things going on, one is that I'm full of ideas and want to make them all!
The other is that it is the five year anniversary of my son's death today. You may have noticed the tabs at the top titled "In Grief". I've decided to start posting a little bit every once and awhile about grief in general, my own specifically, and anything else that occurs to me. That will also let me have this space more for non sad things.

On the happy side of things I got this order today!

I'd taken advantage of Fat Quarter Shop twitter special on the marbles last week, they were 40% off! And another 20% with the volume buy! If you don't follow them on twitter or Facebook you should think about it. Every Wednesday they advertise a special there only for an entire line! And it's normally 40-50% off.

 I also received my awesome prize from Stitchin Heaven and their twitter party, held a little while ago!

It was a blast chatting with other quilters and doing some trivia etc. You should look out for that on their blog, because I think they will be having another one!


LJ said...

I don't think I've ever purchased 18.25 yards before in one order! Gooo productive you!!

Hugs for today!

Anonymous said...

My heart is heavy for you at this moment...Grief tab and all. Hugs

Sandra said...

Hugs across the miles from me to you. Life truely is a precious gift.

hetty said...

It is good to keep busy at a time like this. I read your 'Grief' tab and loved your analogy of water to describe your grief. Keep writing! It helps. Hugs.