Monday, August 30, 2010

A few answers to questions asked

 Before I even try to get back into things I thought I'd answer a question or two I've received that I couldn't e-mail reply too because accounts are set to "". And ask a question of my own.

Does anyone know a quilt shop carrying Moda Snuggles who will overnight to Canada? I need about 12 yards yesterday.

 H-  The Pure Wrap has the strips in the center set horizontal, and the sides are vertical. The reason it doesn't look like that in the picture is because the wrap is on me and the sides are brought up and wrapped around me.

I won't be selling these online, for now, but they will be available in Muskoka at a boutique there soon. Probably doesn't help any of you though, sorry.

S- I will try to find out what happened to your package.

We've finally got the truck unloaded so hopefully I will find my camera and get some fun stuff, with pictures!, up soon.
I always find the day or two after a trip to be the most tiring.


Mary Grace McNamara said...

You might try calling Keepsake Quilting

They have an unbelievable inventory!

Good luck!


Quiltgal said...

Cara, I just happened apon your blog via Moda Bake shop. I too am Canadian, from Peterborough and am looking forward to coming to London for QC in 2011. Love your Blog, very inspiring.

Hanneke said...

Thank you Cara for your reply -very helpful.
Han, UK