Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's finally up!

So through varying delays of life the tutorial for Scattered Prayers is up! You can find it over at Burgundy Buttons blog. And there's a kit! Which is on sale! This uses the "left overs" from Film Strip.
 A paper piecing template can be found here.  It's not necessary but I know some may want to do it that way because of the smaller pieces.

  Amazingly I've been doing non-tutorial/pattern sewing! Little Bit and I laid out Fresh Cottons using Natalie's tutorial over at Bake Shop. Little Bit called it "puzzling" and was very proud to tell daddy she "helped to make quilt blanketet". Ah children. They make everything an adventure and can be so happy.
Though this is why I really do need a design wall.

And it only got worse. And I wouldn't have it any other way.....ok I'd have a design wall but that's all ;)


Staci said...

That is such a great quilt! I love how it spills over into the border.
Isn't Fresh Cottons just Yummy?? I've got a project going with it right now, and just today I got my fq bundle of Breakfast at Tiffany's. I'm going to put it with those Fresh Cottons. I'm so excited about all this lovely Fig Tree stuff I can hardly stand it!

I love your Fresh Cottons quilt, and your sweet little helper!

Gina said...

Love the quilts.

I sympathise with you over the lack of design wall. I have a big black labrador that likes to help me when I lay my quilts out on the floor.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

hetty said...

I have a design floor too. It looks very much like yours most of the time. Love the quilt and thanks for the tutorial.

Tracey Jacobsen said...

(I have the same problem with the "design floor.")

I love those half hexies... that is gorgeous in the the Fig Tree.

And that Prayer flag quilt reminds me so much of stained glass windows. It's really striking.

Little Lady Patchwork said...

I L-O-V-E both of these quilts!

BTW-Little Bit, you are so cute :0)


Natalia from Piece N Quilt said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that needs a design wall! My quilts are always looking like that, either my dog or my daughter is always running over my quilts! :)

Dandelion Quilts said...

I wish I had a design wall too, my empathies to you. This is going to be great though. Love the fabric choices.

Sew Many Mamas said...
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Sew Many Mamas said...

Nothing better than having a little helper! And I love the quilt pieces spilling over the edges!

Meghan said...

So beautiful Cara! I sent you an e-mail a little while ago, but I wanted to leave you a comment, too. I'm using your tutorial to make my mom's birthday present. I love what you did with the borders on this quilt!