Monday, June 23, 2008

Paper piecing

I finally got around to doing another paper pieced block. They really do take a long time. This shot isn't very good but I really like the block.

I need to find better papers. I think I'm going to have to break down and order more disolvable paper online.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I never knew how much you could do with paper piecing. Certainly takes traditional quilting into a new era, without crossing over to "art quilts".

Fabricmom said...

What a fabulous block. Any idea what you might do with it?

Sunny said...

I love this block! What type of paper did you use? I have not tried a disolvable one yet. I love to paper piece.

Jossie said...

Hi from the Netherlands. Arrived via Quilting Bloggers. You do make beautiful blocks. The PP block is just great. I do almost all my blocks on paper. I print them on recycled printer paper which is slightly thinner tham the normal printer paper and it tears away easely.
Happy piecing