Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another tote and Block 4 JRSQA

This time I dug out my cherished Dandelion Girl charm pack, and used left over backing from the Allspice Tapestry quilt I made two years ago. I did line it but only with fabric, except the bottom which has doubled over batting to give a little structure. The colour is off in the picture but it's Fig Tree yummy. It measures 17.5*13.5*5", roughly I didn't actually measure after it was made lol.
 I'm going to use this one for groceries because I want to actually enjoy the bag and if I don't use it well what's the point?

I also got block four of the Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt Along done.

I purposely didn't use the background because with the sashing in the same colour it would look like it's cutting through the block, which may be cool or may not. So I decided to play it safe and only reversed the light and darks.


Rene' said...

Cara, this is a great tote bag. Should make grocery shopping a little more fun ;-) Love the fourth block of the quilt along.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cara! The tote bag is way too cute!! Guess what??!! You're our week 1 Cha Cha Challenge Winner!! Congratulations!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Very cute tote and I like the way you did your block! I didn't even think abt the background cutting through. Guess when it comes to assembly time I'll have to think of a plan B. ;-) Congrat's on your win! :-)

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

What a pretty block, and I love the bag too! Very nice work!

hetty said...

Great bag! You'll get lots of use out of that. the fourth block looks good too.