Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oh the excitment!

 Little Bit lost two teeth today. They have been loose for weeks and finally one fell out, and she pulled the other one.
 The teeth are now safely in the tooth pillow waiting for the tooth fairy to come tonight. It is the same pillow my siblings and I used when we were kids. She was very determined to show off her missing teeth today.

 On the sewing side I wiped up this Moda Bake Shop tote for the Cha Cha Challenge at Stitchin' Heaven. I used an old Chutes and Ladders charm pack I had and some white for the outside, and I lined it with a cream solid.

The handles are long, but that can be good, just hard to take pictures of. I added some inside pockets with the left over charms, and instead of trimming the HST to 3.5" I only trimmed them to 4", so the bag measures 14*17.5". Little Bit has claimed it for hers, which I was thinking would happen.
I also came very close to running out of thread. How close?
This close.

 I hope everyone has had a good weekend!


Rene' said...

Cara, I love your new header photo. Gorgeous flowers! Congrats to Little Bit for the lost teeth. Hope the tooth fairy is generous. I really like that tote bag. Really, really cute!

Anonymous said...

That tooth fairy dare not be cheap! Hee!! How fun...I remember those days like yesterday.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Congratulations to Little Bit! My DD used to pull hers out too. ;-) And every Halloween we'd carve the pumpkin to match one of the kids toothless smiles! :-o LOL Fun times! Your little bag is adorable! Good luck!

LJ said...

Oh she's so cute with her toothless grin!! You made a lovely little bag. It does a mama proud when our little ones claim things we've made. For A it's pillows.

hetty said...

Love that toothless grin! Cute little tooth pillow. Hope the tooth fairy was generous. It was two teeth afterall. Love your bag! Great use of HST!

Niki said...

Hey Cara! I love your Cha Cha bag! Adorable. And your little princess, congrats to her on her lost tooth! :o)