Saturday, April 24, 2010

Year of Schnibbles April Tagalong

 I finished this month's Schnibble! YAY! I used 30's prints, which is another stretch for me.

  I hated it while I was putting it together, the fabrics not the pattern, but now I like the look. I used a black for the inner border which I think looks good. And it was another stash only top so that makes me extra happy! There are 42 fabrics in the quilt and it sure looks like it! I oopsied the inner border, cut it 1/2" too narrow and I didn't realize it until the outer border didn't fit! So three of the four outer borders are right, I just too out a few of the little pieces but one it a bit wonky.
It is pretty busy for me. I think I should have used white, or black, as the accent in the nine patches to give your eyes somewhere to rest but oh well it still looks good.
And you know I'm going to make this bigger later on. I think it would be the perfect picnic/beach quilt for Little Bit and me to take on our summer outings.

Have you seen the Flickr group for Schnibbles? 

 Which reminds me I'd better get cutting her quilt while she's away this weekend with bio dad.


LJ said...

Our kids go off with their daddies on the same weekends. Now if only we lived closer we could sew together unhindered by demanding little ones! Your schnibbles looks great!

Darlene said...

Very cute, Cara.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Very cute!~ what a good idea to use 30's! They are perfect for this pattern. Have a lovely weekend sewing! :-)

hetty said...

Your Schnibbles looks great! I love the 'busyness' of it.

Vickie E said...

love the 30's all time favorite..

Béa said...

Adorable Tagalong with 30' fabrics, I love it !Hugs from France.