Saturday, December 11, 2010

Uh oh

 This is pretty humiliating but I thought I'd let everyone know. There were some errors in the Antique Etoiles pattern over on Moda Bake Shop. Like some huge ones. And some missing ones. Apparently an edit didn't take and I didn't know. Thank you to Judy in MI for letting me know. I've made the changes on the blog and the printable will be updated early in the week.
I'm so sorry if this has caused any problems for anyone. Hopefully no one bought fabric yet because they won't have enough if they did. And the setting triangle instructions were missing all together. Pictures were there but no instructions.
I think I caught everything that was wrong/missing but make sure you do a read through before starting, which is a good idea on any pattern, to make sure things look right.
Again I am super sorry about this.


Wendy said...

You know, it happens ... and its okay. You still rock!!

Lis Harwood said...

It happens and you've remedied it, done!!

Miss Hillbilly said...

I've had that pattern saved in my bookmarks and was just popping over here to tell you how much I appreciate it and can't wait to try it. Glad that I saw this post. I will look for the UPDATED instructions now. Thank you.

I will be making it for my FIL. Or my husband if he decides to steal it first. I will be going the complete opposite of you. You chose something very "Fancy" for lack of a better word since my brain is tired, but I will be using "A simpler Life" Kansas troubles. Talk about the opposite, huh??

SewHappyGeek said...

Ah, don't worry too much about it - technology occasionally goes wrong. Also wanted to let you know I've put a link to your blog on my blog list - it probably won't generate much traffic, but it's kinda a way of saying thanks for all the hard work. Take care!

randi said...

you know what? we are all human and we all make mistakes. don't worry too much about it. i am sure the new edits will reach those who need it. :)

Barb in Mi said...

Fell in love with your pattern and am just getting ready to order fabric for Antique Etoiles - has the MBS recipe been updated with the final direction and fabric requirements?