Saturday, April 16, 2011

The online social world

I have to say I've met some of the nicest people online. Really.
I now count some of my best friends as people I've never actually met. I talk to them all day, pretty much everyday. If I'm offline for a few days they email to check on me. We talk quilting, kids, work, spouses, hobbies and pretty much everything you can think of.

While I met a few from my blog I met most of them through twitter. It can be a great place to meet and chat with people, and the biggest names in quilting superstars are there too.
You can see what they're up to, get to know the person behind the designs, fabrics or books.

Twitter isn't scary, it's easy to use and I promise you can have a lot of fun. Sign up for an account, give a few people a follow (like me!) and get chatting!

And remember every Tuesday night from 9-11pm EST I host a chat over there that has awesome prizes, and tons of fun.
All you have to do is add #talknt to the end of your tweets to be involved. Since it can move pretty fast I suggest following it in tweetchat, You can change the speed of the refresh and everything.
The first Tuesday every month is sponsored by Fat Quarter Shop.


Wendy said...

Tuesday Chat nights are always such fun and I so look forward to all the easy chat and banter ... fun to learn much about others and learn that I'm not such a square peg in a round hole. Thanks Cara!!

Andie Johnson said...

Lurve you, cupcake.

Anonymous said...

I've never done Twitter before....can I do it from my pc or do I have to have one of the special phones? I know, I'm ignorant! :)
Jacque in SC

sewfunquilts said...

Hi Cara.
I haven't visited #talknt recently and need to get back to doing it. Thanks for the info on the quicker way to do it.

Wandering Threads said...

Last week was my #talknt and it was so much fun! Everyone was so friendly and made me feel welcome. Thanks for putting this together. See, or Tweet, you tonight :)

Wandering Threads said...

Oops. I meant that last week was my FIRST #talknt. sorry