Sunday, July 10, 2011

Exciting things are coming!!

I will draw tomorrow for the kit and one of my patterns so if you haven't entered yet make sure you do here!!
And don't forget the 10% off coupon code "carapattern". You can get an extra 10% off you order at 1 Choice 4 Quilting until July 15th!!

 This week has been very exciting for new arrivals, my little nephew on Monday and this came this week too!!

You know what that means! One of you lucky duckies will be winning a Baby Go! and 3 dies of your choice!! I'll be doing a review, a tutorial and giveaway soon!
I've been playing with mine and I have lots to say about it.


Sunnybec said...

There are such a lot of these being given away in blog land and believe me I have entered every single one!!! Will be there to enter yours. Linda x

sandra said...

Hi Cara, I have been looking at buying one of these for about a year now but just can't make up my mind whether it will be helpful or not.
Since I have FM to and also osteoarthritis I will be waiting to hear how you found using the "GO" if it actually helped you. I find standing at the table cutting exhausting and painful even though I had a special cutting table made for my height. It helped some but I am still looking for more help. I have entered every contest to but if I thought it a good product I would buy one. My husband offered to get me one at christmas but I just can't make up my mind. Blessings Sandra

quiltmom anna said...

I have been wishing for a go for a long time now but somehow I have not bought one or won one- perhaps there is hope yet.
You have lots of fun things happening on your blog these days.
Thanks for sharing your projects and talents.

Karen said...

Everybody seems to be giving these away at the moment, and I've just decided I want one... but something in me can't be bothered to enter the giveaways because I know I wont win...

awyoung said...

Yipee....Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the GO. I would love to have one of these...Look forward to your review of it! Happy Monday! Amy