Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer madness

 Ever have one of those summers where you seem to do both nothing and everything?
It's been a really weird summer here, both for weather and activity. We've not done much, no great trips or vacations. No big outdoor projects, yet I feel like I've been on the go the entire time.

I've done some sewing. Ok a LOT of sewing, to the point I've killed yet another iron.
Good thing I long ago discovered I should only every own cheap ones as they seem to die on me rather frequently.

I have 3 new patterns coming very soon, to be added to the ones already up on Fat Quarter Shop.
I just need to get them washed and photographed. I've been to 3 stores trying to find the Shout Colour Catchers I use whenever I wash my quilts, especially new ones, with no luck. I'm really not willing to try and wash these without them because of the dark colours and the material I've used on the back of two of them is a purple marble and it just seems like something that will bleed.

I'm also still working on the patterns for Stitchin Heaven and their Charm School and Perse-Anality Club, though I hear they won't be continuing with them after the end of the year.

 I've signed on to do some Quilt Alongs this fall, as well as design a Modern Block of the Month for Lola Pink Fabrics

In all this I feel like I've abandoned my blog a bit and it makes me sad. I miss writing and sharing with all of you, and getting your comments and stories in return.
So I'm going to make a stronger effort to update more. I also hope this will help me do some none work sewing as I really feel if I let it get too much more I won't be able to sew just for the heck of it anymore.
On the other hand whenever I come up with something new I want to make it into a pattern, which is probably a dumb thing to do but multitasking is in my bones lol.
Part of living with any kind of disability is knowing your limits, but also trying to get around them. And for me that means doing as much as I can when I can, and combining things together. I find myself very impatient with my health, especially the exhaustion I've been dealing with, it's so much harder to push through/ignore then the pain. And they don't seem to have any drugs for it but caffeine!
I'm really hoping that Little Bit going back to school will help me recapture some level of normalcy. Allowing me to go back to schedule that physically works for me instead of just trying to stay awake and present for her.
My sewing room hasn't even been unpacked from when we moved in December. I've just been grabbing things out of boxes as I go, which had made one heck of a mess.


Lesly said...

I have never found Colour Catchers in Ontario but I was just in Montreal on the weekend moving my daughter into McGill residence, and I picked up two boxes at the Provigo. I'd be happy to send you one - just email me with your mailing details!

Mishka said...

I don't think Colour Catchers are available up here. I did find a similar product "stain be gone, whirl" in the States and it's worked great for me.

Lesly's already volunteered to share what she has. I'll venture across the Ottawa River one of these days and see if I can find Colour Catchers on the other side too.

Email me if you need to, I can share what I have as well.


Sue said...

I find the Shout color catchers here in our Krogers and VG's marts, but you probably don't have those in Canada. I don't know. Maybe you do?

I have had such a similar summer to yours, it was almost as if you wrote down my thoughts...it's been a strange one and I find myself today just a bit overwhelmed at what I should start next!

I'm kind of looking forward to Autumn when things wind down a bit :)

Blessings to you with your new patterns.


stephmabry said...

I'd be happy to ship you some if you can't find them! For us here in northern California, it seems like it's easier to find items like this at grocery stores instead of the "big box" stores like Target or Walmart. Good luck! :)

Pieces to Love said...

They have them on Amazon, but they are kind of pricey.

Nancy said...

Wow Cara look at you. Don't forget quilt market in Houston. I'll bring you some colour catchers.