Thursday, November 24, 2011

Friendpatch block!

Many months ago the incredibly organized Mme Samm of Sew I Quilt, and Sew We Quilt (formerly Stash Manicure) sent an email out asking for block tutorials for a Block Party on Sew We Quilt. 

Seeing as I love a party, I came up with Friendpatch!
Merging two blocks I'm really liking right now, Friendship Star and a Nine-Patch Four Patches (I'm sure there's actually a name to this one but not sure what it is)

I made the block as a 6" block but it is easily changed to 9 or 12. If you need help changing the size email or comment and I'll be glad to help!

You can check out the directions, and 3 different layout options on Sew We Quilt, and I'd appreciate it if you could leave a comment over there too!


Gill said...

Great block! not sure if I could manage it at 6" though!

Little Creatable said...

Nice! You are such a smarty!

Christine L said...

Great block! I have made mine, a tad bigger, for my Nov Block Party Sampler that I am working on. Pictures to post soon, over at my blog Thank you so much for a great tutorial!

Scrapbook-ChickADoodle said...

Thanks for sharing at Madame Samm's. I really love this pattern and would appreciate info on making it a 12" block!