Friday, November 4, 2011

Quilt Market Part 3

Ok I'm getting long winded here so I'll try to shorten up this last post.

So I left of Saturday having finished up at Market, after another awesome dinner and gabfest with the girls I was staying with it was on to the Moda party! A blast was had by all, and incriminating pictures of my dancing may have been published on Fat Quarter Shop's twitter feed. No I'm not giving you links.

 After the Moda party it was on to the meet up of the Modern Quilt Guild, which was at the bar in hotel lobby. Even more awesome people were there and I actually remembered to get some pictures and was able to have a little longer then 2 minute conversations!!
I had to take my glasses off for pictures because I was looking demonic with the glare.
Amy Ellis from the Creative Side flew in, she was hush hush about it so it was a nice surprise!

 The super nice John Adams, aka Quilt Dad. He really is such an awesome guy.
 Fellow Canadian Cheryl Arkison! Who has a book coming out in the Spring!
 Lynette Anderson! I LOVE this woman. She is funny, sweet, smart and talented! What more could you want?
Lynette and John! 
We're not sure what Julie's doing here but it was nice meeting her!

After staying up waaaay to late on Saturday night it was back to Market Sunday. I ran around some more, annoyed some more people and just soaked up the awesomeness.

 I ran into Natalia from Piece N Quilt at the Starbucks, which is the best place to meet people as we all need the caffeine to keep going at such an intense pace. I was so glad to meet her, even though it was only a few minutes.
Jacqueline found this gorgeous little clutch made up in Bari J's Paris Apartment! 

 Presencia threads! These were really gorgeous and I learned a lot from the wonderful ladies at the booth, I'll share more about that later.

Here are some of the awesome Moda designers, which I'm still on cloud 9 over meeting.

And look at that chair! I so want!

I got to get a booked signed by Kay Whitt, Sew Serendipity Bags, which is an awesome books on all levels of bag making.

The evening was spent with Jacqueline and Laine, Sha and Tiffany having had to go back home. We again did the talking and chatting thing, also took a TON of pictures of my quilts and wraps, mostly because Jacqueline is a way better photographer then I am and took pity on me.
I really loved being able to meet and stay with such good friends I'd met through Twitter and the #talknt chat. It made the trip so much less anxiety ridden for me, because no matter what I got that from it and what is more important then friends?
Monday was essentially all travel home, but thankfully I had my new little stitchery from Lynette to keep me occupied!

So that was my Market experience more or less. It was incredible, and I would do it again in a heartbeat but am now still so worn out and sore from it all that I've gotten almost nothing done this week.
If you ever get a chance to go to Market, or even Festival, I highly recommend it. Large numbers of quilters gathering to celebrate our craft leads to an immense amount of fun!


sandra said...

Hi Cara
So happy that you had such a wonderful experience, that would be a dream of mine to meet all of those people that I know through the blogs.Hope it was a success for you and now try and rest up and get your energy back. I know it would take me a month to be able to get off the couch but I am a lot older then you.
Blessings Sandra

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Guess I'm an old lady quilter because I didn't even know about the modern quilt group meeting. I saw John in Davids School House and perhaps other time...but I'm too old to be hanging out...LOL. I was pooped. I loved meeting you...that was fun :)


Dorothy said...

Wonderful Market posts, Cara. Thank you for sharing all your photos with us. Wish I could have been there!

Snoodles said...

Love the Market day I hope to be there, if our quilting web site ever takes off. :) Looks like lots of fun!