Saturday, December 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Quilting Gallery!

Mishka is having a blog hop to celebrate Quilting Gallery's 4th Birthday!

The Blog Hop Party starts today and there are all sorts of giveaways all over blogland in celebration! You can visit the site here.

I am not participating as I'm a bit overwhelmed at the moment but I wanted to make sure you all get in on the fun!


Mishka said...

Thanks so much Cara, that is sweet of you to blog about the party. Hopefully things will be less chaotic and you can enter the next one.

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, at least this is one holiday you don't have to do twice. LOL


KatieQ said...

I was really inspired by your project last year to give the simple needs of life to women's shelters. I've got a box in my closet that I place items in when I find them on sale. Are you planning to inspire the internet community again this year.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cara, I somehow found your blog in the past few days! I just read your page on grief, SO sorry to hear about your son. I lost a daughter 3 years ago and quilting has been keeping me sane, too. My daughter was Cora and I just set up a blog this month called "Cora Quilts"... so from Cora Quilts to Cara Quilts, hello!