Sunday, May 6, 2012

An idea for scraps!

I had a bunch of small, less then 1" x 5" strips left over from a project and wanted to do something with them, I have more pincushions then I can shake a stick at, which will not stop me from collecting more but I wanted something else.

 I've become and even lighter sleeper in the last few months, which I wouldn't have thought possible. Any light is now bothering me. I'd made a fabric scarf that I wasn't wearing because it was too bulky for me so I'd been putting it over my eyes to sleep. This, of course, was a lazy solution.
After weeks of saying I would make myself a proper sleep mask I finally did!

Those scraps were perfect!

Now  I'm just wondering if I shouldn't have bound it? Or sewn it together like a pillow and turn it out?
I used some left over Moda Snuggles, so the back if beautifully soft and lovely feeling. A bit of an elastic cord and all done!

May have to make another one to figure it out but for now it works!


Sara said...

Clever idea Cara.I think the pillow idea would definitely work,but at least you can get some shuteye for now;)

sandra said...

Great Idea Cara.We quilters always have to keep on improving on an idea till we think it is perfect. How are you feeling these days. Blessings Sandra

Little Lady Patchwork said...

Hello my dear old friend! I have missed being around "Blogland"!

Hope all is well with you. Are you going to Quilt Market?

Little Lady Patchwork

Michelle said...

That's lovely! I think I would have bound it...or maybe you could sew some ric rack around the edge?