Friday, August 24, 2012

Quilting frame/machine- why I chose the one I did

 After posting about the new quilting frame I got asked how I chose the one I did.

That part was actually fairly easy. The shop I have rented the long arm at is a Husqavarna & Baby Lock dealer.
I chose a newer version of the frame I'd used at the shop because I knew both how and that I could load and use it; it's 118" long-big enough for a king but not a super/cali king; it was on sale and it would be able to hold a long arm machine if I can ever afford one. So that was pretty easy in terms of choosing it. It's the Imperial Quilting Frame from Inspira, which is from the Grace Co.

The machine is a similar story. I went with the Baby Lock Quilter's Choice Professional. It has a wider throat space then most domestic machines, can do a straight stitch like no one's business, had an automatic scissors function and again was on sale, this time as a floor model clearance. So it was on sale a LOT. It is also a model that either the shop or the manufacturer isn't making/carrying anymore, I can't actually remember which. The table is detachable so is put away while it's on the frame.

And if I do ever get that long arm, this will make a rockin sewing machine to replace my waaaaay overworked little Husky Star that I currently sew on.


QuiltNut Creations said...

We have that Brother sewing machine at work and I love it. It can handle anything you throw at it.

Lucky Duck Dreams said...

Thanks for the info! I always feel a little clueless about long arms and frames. I have a BL Sofia! Ive used a similar frame at the LQS/dealer.

Barb said...

You are so lucky and thanks for the info

Trudi said...

I think you'll be smitten with frame quilting in no time! After 5 years I'm so ready to move on up to the long arm, just need the all important finances. Have fun playing!

Dedication Quilts said...

My Husband was working a Hobby/Sewing Show (coordinates security) and without my knowledge (probably a GOOD REASON HE DIDN'T WANT ME at THAT SHOW LOL!) for my birthday He bought me a Janome 6600. Then he and my eldest son saw me using the Grace Pinnacle frame (again without talking to me) bought that for my next birthday NOT realizing I need a long arm machine for it.... The 6600 will work but only on small portions at a time ... NOT AS MUCH FUN! SO, Needless to say I am saving up for a true longarm machine