Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Magazine Projects!

I'm so excited to have a project in Generation Q Magazin! The current edition (Winter2012) has 1 of the 7, YES SEVEN, projects I did out of 1 charm pack!
The rest of the projects are available on the Generation Q site, for FREE! You can find them here.

This is my very first project in a magazine and I really couldn't be happier! It's been a goal/dream of mine and I can cross it off the list now!
Not that I wouldn't love to have more, but I can say I've been published in a quilt magazine!


sandra said...

Hi Cara, congratulations I was very proud to see that you have got a pattern in a magazine. What an achievement I have always enjoyed your work. I have followed that magazine on line so I hope I can find it in a local store. I have already printed out the patterns because I want to do some book covers and bookmarks for Christmas. Good luck with future patterns. Blessings Sandra

Shannon Wallace said...

Very, very cool!!! Congratulations and big hugs from TX! :)

Lori S said...

Congratulations! How very exciting. I am going to share these ideas with my daughters as they such great little ideas for friends and teachers.

Patricia Lessell said...

Way to go Cara! Congratulations and here is to many more from you in magazines.