Friday, December 18, 2015

Nostalgia Dreams

 I think about fabric. A lot. Sometimes I even think maybe I think a wee bit too much about things. Ok. I absolutely think too much about things. But sometimes, sometimes it leads me to fun quilts!

 I had left over Nostalgia from the first quilt, which I'm 90% sure I'm going to quilt with a wood grain motif, ala wood paneling, anyways, and I was thinking how much the colours reminded me of bit and pieces of things involving my grandmother and how special those memories are. So it kept rattling in my head, until the idea of memories being gems just wouldn't go away.

 And this quilt was born!

I adore this design for some reason. It is fun and easy but still interesting. And I think I like is sideways more then I do "right" side up!

 I'm thinking of taking it and offsetting the strips but then I'd lose a lot of the prints and they really are so very pretty. They're softer then Jennifer's other lines but there is still something very bold about them. It's fun!

 I have enough I think for one more baby quilt from the bundle so watch out!

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