Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Two colour challenge Border Fabric

I'm still debating what to do about a border. Everyone, including me, thought the fabric too busy. I found these fabrics online but I can't tell for sure if they would go with my quilt. One of the really poohy things about only having one quilt shop in town is that I end up having to order online, which takes forever, and is always a guess if my screen, their picture etc are showing the true colours. These two are from Moda's Porcelain line. Anyone have/seen it? And do you think it would go well with Windham's China Blue?

The other idea I have is to use this, well try fussing cutting it, so the strip are the border.
There are two problems though with that. One is I am really horrible at fussy cutting, especially a border fabric. The second is I only have a yard, though I could get more without too much a problem, I think Fabric Shack still has some on sale.


Quilter said...

Hi Cara
I like them both, what about using one of them for a 1" inner border and the other for a wider outer border?
Not sure on the striped one, altho you could reverse the stripe by making it go horizontally rather than vertically?
Have you been out to cotton by post?
You could take the top with you and interview some fabrics that way.

Nicole said...

I better get cracking on putting my blocks together for the Two Color Challenge! Once I get them sewn, I still have a border to do and it is made of half square triangles! That will be my project for this coming week!