Monday, June 16, 2008

Two colour challenge update

So I started today with this

And ended up with this.

Not bad for an afternoon. Funny story about the picture though. I decided sine DH was at work and I don't have a design wall, I'd just through the flimsy on my bed (yes I am about the only quilter without a quilt on her own bed). So I'm walking around the bed smoothing out the top a little when I notice a smell. A bad smell. The I look down. I've been wearing my crocs in the apartment lately because my feet have been hurting some. You don't feel doggy poop in shoes. You do, however, track it absolutly everywhere when you step in it without noticing. So before the picture could be taken I had to clean the carpet. Luckily, we have one of the home steam cleaners so it didn't take more than about 20 minutes, but oh was I pissed. And I can't even know which one of my demon dogs did it. These are the two likely suspects, but neither one if giving it up so I guess I just have to accept that it got me to clean the carpet, which needed to be done anyway.

So do you think it needs a border? If so what kind? Just plain, maybe 3 inches, of this?

Let me know what you think.


erica e said...

lookin' good. i love that border fabric. i think i'd put a thin border between that and your irish chain though since both are so busy. maybe a thin white or solid blue? just an idea.

Quilter said...

love it Cara, nice soft look.
Maybe a read as solid blue for a border, so the central piecing 'pops' or like Erica said you could use the border fabric you are interviewing in the pic and add either a thin inner border in a plain fabric or make a flange, to give some definition.
No matter what u decide, cant wait to see it!

I just threw out a pair of crocs for the exact same reason! 2 dogs, grass longer than it should be and umm not been on poop patrol everyday like im sposed to lol

thanks for visiting my blog and the nice comments u left me.

Fabricmom said...

I think a solid fabric or one that looks solid would make it look fabulous. Not that it doesn't already. It would make the middle pop out more. The other fabric blends too much with the middle. Can't wait to see what you do.

Anonymous said...

I know this story, very close to my house... my pup looks like a sister to your cuties.
You have a lovely website.