Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day!

I got this pic in an e-mail, I wish I knew who took it so I could check out their other work.
Spent the day by the river with Little Bit and DH. They fished, I worked on prepping leaves for Lillebet's Garden quilt. Though first we drove out to Ailsa Craig to the Cotton Post, which was having a killer sale. I'd hoped they'd have a blue to go on my Two colour quilt challenge but no luck.
I've been crazy busy lately, I'm really hoping to get back into blogging more regularly.

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Quilter said...

Happy belated Canada Day to u too Cara! Sounds like you had a wonderful day. I went to cotton by post the day before...early...like got there about 9:15am, already quite a few ppl in there and they were buying the 1.41 stuff by the bolt. I did manage to get a few tho, figure even for backings, plus I had cdn tire money to use. I dont think there was really any blue tho, not even early on. I did pick up a really pretty new mostly blue by Jinny Beyer there tho but it wasnt really on sale, I think 14.1% off or something, only the Sassaman and the dick and jane or w/e it is were 7.95 or something.
Did you guys catch any fish?