Friday, July 11, 2008

Lots of stuff

So I lost my camera. Well not lost exactly. More like misplaced. I do this a lot. With everything. I'm always looking wildly for something, and most of the time it is something I have put in a safe/proper etc place. Like my camera. I had put it in my backpack on Canada Day so I could take pictures. I just also happened to completely forget about it.
But like most things, eventually it turns up.

This is a great way to spend a weekend.

Little Bit was so happy about fishing. Her poll has a little yellow fish attached so she always catches something, and it makes a plop noise when she casts so she was in heaven. The only problem? Well she is developed a fear of all bugs. They are all bees or butterflies to her, which she is terrified of. She used to like everything but the butterflies, that's an old phobia for her. So every time a fly, gnat, or other random flying bug got within 2 feet of her she'd start screeching. And man does the child have some lungs.
We were here

and here

On the quilty side of things I have gotten a few blocks done for various projects but only have Lillebet's Garden photographed.

I really like the blues, and the instructions are really well written. My only tiny complaint, and it's the first one in 5 blocks, is the template given to make the skinny triangles wasn't quite right. But not so far off I couldn't fudge it. Which I did. And am pretty good at LOL.

I will attempt to get pics of the other things I'm working on up soon. I am going to a wedding this weekend so will be totally not doing it but maybe Monday...if I've recovered...


Jocey said...

I just found your site through Sister's Choice. I have not been through your entire site yet, but I will. Just wanted to say HI from one Canadian to another!

Quilter said...

really pretty block Cara.
I think a lot of lil people are afraid of bugs, wonder if u gave them princessy type names and made up lil stories about them if that would help? dunno, on second thought I have a fear of heights and somehow even if u told me Neo was waiting for me at the highest point, not sure it would work...well..maybe? =)