Sunday, March 13, 2011

Basics Charity Challenge Drawing

I don't want to call it winners because everyone who gave is such a winner in my book!
Thank you so much for being caring and generous. Be it with your time, money, items and love.

Thank you to all of our sponsors! You guys are so amazing. Everyone one of these companies or individuals were so supportive of the challenge, several even e-mailed me to ask about donating prizes! I can't express how much the support of these individual meant when I was putting this whole thing together.

I have to admit to crying a LOT during reading the comments. And again when I was going through them for the drawings. You all just fill me with such hope.

I've already changed the way I'm shopping. I'm picking up the extra basic on sale and putting it into a box I'll take to the shelter once a month.

 But on to the exciting news of who gets what! There were 221 comments! Totally blows me away. I printed off the comments, threw them in a shopping bag and had Little Bit start drawing! Since there are sooo many I only wrote down the name, and day and time of the comment. Sorry but doing the whole picture thingy for so many is a bit beyond me.
There are 3 no email for the magazine so I'll need you guys to contact me!

The Fat Quarter Shop $50 gift certificate goes to
Sheila Feb 17 908am

1 Choice 4 Quilting  TWO $50 gift certificate go to

Jackie Feb 17th 1056pm
KatieQ March 7, 2011 8:58 PM

Robert Kaufman FQ bundle
Jacqueline March 6, 2011 4:42 PM

Julie of jaybird quilts patterns!
Deon Feb 23 709pm

Rachel of p.s. i quilt  patterns!
momma feb 22 343pm

pinsandneedles Feb 25th 808am
The last piece Feb 10 512 pm

Judi from Green Fairy Quilt  5 of her patterns, winners choice
Melissa Feb 20 817pm
Moda is donating a FQ bundle, a roll of Luna Soy Batting and a "Basic Sewing Notions" Kit!
Pirate Feb 8th 520am

Kelly from I Have A Notion Fast and Free Volume .5 DVD by Patsy Thompson Designs
Jenny Feb 20 7am

 and a Posh Posies Small Quilt Kit by Brewer Sewing and Quilting!
SingleGirlQuilts Feb 22 920PM

Daisy Janie FQ bundle of her brand new organic line, Shades of Grey!!
 Feb 24th 127pm

Marmalade Fabrics $30 gift certificate
Kristy Feb 21 320am
Sandy Feb 23 550ppm

The winners of the Asian Fabric magazines from Kona Fabrics are
Flo@Butterfly Quilting Feb 24 1134AM
Renee Feb 9 208am
tellad Feb 17 1014am -no email
Michelle Feb 23 1211am
Redheadharper Feb 22 4 11pm - no email
Ly + Alan Feb 20 1247 - no email
Jen Feb 20 1247pm
Carla Feb 22 111pm
Vintage and Vogue


Kristy said...

It is so fabulous to know there are so many out there still giving!

Laura said...

Congratulation everyone! 221 !!!! That is awesome! Looks like you created a lot of good last month, Cara. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Over 200 people caring and giving! You "threw out a pebble" and look how the ripples grew!
Congratulations to all the winners...and I hope we all keep going with the good things we've started. I know I will!
Jacque in SC

Sheila said...

Thank you Cara for choosing me , I really appreciate winning but I am truly happy that you had this challenge , it makes us all more aware and hopefully we will all continue to help in the best way we can . I agree with Snoodles , you threw out that pebble and look what happened , congrats to you !!
hugs Sheila

robynl said...

wow, sorry I missed this; congrats to the winners.

Vickie said...

Congratulations to everyone! Thanks again, Cara for reminding us to help others!

KatieQ said...

Thank you for hosting this challenge. I was delighted to see that I won a $50 gift certificate and delighted to see so many people responded and opened their hearts.

VickiT said...

Cara ~ I'm sorry that I never came back again to post how thrilled I was to have been notified of my awesome win. Thank you SO much. If you print coupons and watch the sales at CVS or Walgreens, or even your own grocery stores matching those coupons up to a time when items are on sale too you can really build up a stash of supplies like deoderants, dry food supplies and things like that. Many times if you are really watching the sales, you can get some of those things free or for pennies which is awesome because you can give even more away to the shelters without spending money from your own budget which is a double bonus for them and your checkbook. In case anyone reading doesn't know, a store coupon for an item AND a manufacturer coupon for that same item CAN be used together so if you have both those coupons and it's on sale then you'll get the items for pennies or free.

Thank you again for being so awesome in this giveaway.