Friday, March 4, 2011

Pin Cushion Swap

 I was on twitter and struck with the fancy to have a pin cushion swap. I put it out there and there was lots of replies so here we go!


Send one pincushion to your partner by April 22nd.

The pin cushion can be any size, filled with crushed walnut shells or sand, unless your swap partner indicates a desire otherwise. You can get the shells in the pet aisle, bird area. It's all cleaned etc and makes a really great filling. Or the craft store but it's way more expensive there for the same thing.

We have some internationals so if you can't send internationally let me know in your sign up e-mail and I'll try to keep you domestic. If it's not in the e-mail I will assume you will send internationally.

You can use a pattern or make up your own, embellish to your hearts desire, or keep it simpler. Just make sure it is closed so there isn't a huge mess at the end!

You can include goodies if you wish but it is not necessary.

This will be a secret swap! And the person you send to may not be sending to you. Or they may. It'll be random like. I assure you will not send to yourself though. ;)

If you want to have more then one partner, so you're sending multiple packages, send me a separate e-mail for each one with the number in each subject line. So Pin Cushion Swap 1, Pin Cushion Swap 2 etc.

Still sounding good?

To sign up

Send me an e-mail, caraquilts @, with the subject line including Pin Cushion Swap.
Include your name, address, blog address if you have one, and any twitter/flickr/I-don't-know-what-other-sites handles. And anything your partner may need to know. Like you hate yellow. Or think florals are the devil. You know the important things.

Oh, and if you have a preference for filling. Like you'd like it stuffed with batt instead of shells.Or are allergic to something that may be used. Like my friend who is allergic to walnuts. The shells would be bad. So let me know.

I'll accept entries until March 12th. Ship by date is April 22nd but earlier is better, especially if your pin cushion is flying on a trip far, far away.

Send me an e-mail to sign up, or comment here for any questions.

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