Friday, April 1, 2011

The Naked Bed Challenge

 If you are a regular on Talkin Tuesday you may have heard a few weeks ago about the Naked Bed was just thrown out there but THE Sarah Fielke has taken it and made it into a reality.

We discovered that several quilters did not have a quilt on there own bed! Kinda like the cobbler's children going shoeless.
The thought of all those poor beds naked, unclothed, cold and without love.

  So to change all that and get your beds covered up we're issuing a Naked Bed Challenge. You have 8 weeks to make a quilt top, it doesn't have to be quilted, for your bed. Upload the pictures to flickr and add them to the group and you will be entered to win-

1 of 3 $30 gift certificates from Fat Quarter Shop,


1 of 3 $50 gift certificates from 1 Choice 4 Quilting!!

And because we know how generous quilters can be we're going to hold a raffle! You could win a kit to make Sarah's quilt in the upcoming Down Under Quilts from Above All Fabric!

All you have to do is donate at least $10 to the Red Cross, and leave the receipt number on Sarah's blog post. The raffle will be open until 3pm, Saturday April 16 Sydney time

To help you out both Sarah and I are providing a free pattern for you! You can use our patterns or any one you choose or design for your challenge quilt. Sarah is providing Bless You, which comes in three sizes,

and I'm providing Chain Link.

AND, not only could you win great prizes, but the fabulous folk at Fat Quarterly are going to do our prize draw for us, and publish pictures of the
winning quilts on their website.

If you enter the competition using YOUR OWN DESIGN (That means you
made it up and didn't take measurements, settings or drawings from someone
else's pattern. If we find that you did, the quilt will not be eligible for
the prize), Sarah's lovely friend Deb at Down Under Quilts Magazine will pick
her favorite quilt from the original quilts entered and publish the quilt
and the pattern in the magazine. AND, she will pay you $300 AUS for the
privilege. Holy smokes!

The rules are:

1. The quilt must be made expressly for the Naked Bed Challenge, not
previously made.

2. It must be for YOUR bed. No cot quilts, wall quilts or dolly quilts. We
do not believe any of you are mice.

3. When you post to Flickr, MAKE SURE you leave your name and a way to
contact you, the name of the designer of the pattern you used if
applicable, and note whether you wish to be considered for the Down Under
Quilts prize.

That's it. We aren't very big on rules around here.

And here's a little button to put on your blog if you are so inclined:

use this code without the brackets (

What are you waiting for? Get those beds covered up!


Cat said...

Love this challenge. I may just change all my plans for tomorrow and throw caution to the wind and sew, sew, sew.

Anonymous said...

I'm chuckling...naked beds are so true here in the hollow! I see more bed size quilts going back out the door than staying! Take a look at my recent post!

Paul said...

I have 1 naked bed in my home and 1 bed that is wearing a store bought quilt.

DO we need to document our design if we do so? I often design "by the seat of my pants". I have a vision of what I want and I just start sewing until I have what I want.

Vicki said...

Ok I think I know what I'm going to make, but I am making myself finish my son's twin size quilt top first! I'm excited :)

beanie g said...

Cara, I'm participating (already signed up on Sara's blog) and I blogged it too (
Thanks for the awesome idea!

Anonymous said...

I hadn't been by in a few the look of your blog. You've updated it, haven't you? Really fresh and nice. I'd better get to work on this new challenge!
Jacque in SC

Penny Ward said...

I finally got my quilt top pics uploaded to flickr! I love how this one turned out, and it's my own pattern too! I also love that this one is going on OUR bed!