Thursday, May 26, 2011

Candian Quilters Association Show

I managed to get to the CQA's quilt show and merchant mall up at the University today. It was AMAZING.
I had tons of fun going through, though it would have been way more fun with friends, but oh well.

You're not allowed to take pictures of the juried show quilts, you buy a booklet or dvd for $10. But I did take pictures of the merchant mall.

I was pretty good and only bough thread. Lots of thread.

Yeah told you. Lots. Ok most is those huge honkin spools of dark grey and soft white but there's a lot on those!
It's all Aurifil and I even got the amazing Bari J's 4651! I adore that I can have thread named after such an awesome designer and person. It's the verigated in the front.
I really do love Aurifil. It has almost no lint. It glides through my machine, which is finiky, and really I would use it any time on any project.
  These 12 spool sets are on for only $85. A good deal if you can do it.
Don't try it unless you're willing and able to switch. It is a bit pricey but it is worth it. They even make a wool, which is very linty, but gorgeous!

Since I was in a thread mood I loved taking all these pictures of the thread displays! All that colour makes me seriously happy.

Wonderfil is another great thread. It's a Canadian company, though the thread is manufactured in China. The thread is similar to Aurifil in it's low lint and is a very nice thread. Definitely worth a try. Also is slightly less expensive.
All those much goodness. Beautiful, I wish I could have them all!

I was warned by one of the merchants to make sure I didn't get any pictures of quilts hanging in the booths, apparently some designers are suing. Seems kind of odd if all you're doing is showing a picture, especially if you mention the name of the pattern but oh well.
 It's Bari's book!

Can't get much more Canadian then this quilt! Love how she diplomatically did the player in Team Canada colours.
And the quilting.

More yumminess.

There were more booths but I didn't get a chance to ask for permission for pictures so didn't take any.

I did get to the invitational show but those will have to wait. Ditto for the Quilts of the Netherlands Show out in Ailsa Craig.

If you have a chance you need to check out these shows! They both go until May 28th.

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Anonymous said...

Oh yes... love all the colours of the threads. Always makes me happy too.