Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My new favorite accessory

 I found these awesome fabric headbands by Crimsontate, who I "met" through Talkin' Tuesday, and bought one for myself and Little Bit. With Little Bit's hair is can be a pain to keep it out of her face, and with her sensory issues most anything that puts pressure on her head is out. But since these didn't have any teeth and were wider I thought I'd give them a try.
Well she loves her.
But I love mine more! So much so that I bought more!

I figure I have one to go with most everything now. Oops I'm missing one...I was probably wearing it when I took the picture! lol It was blue too.

With my shorter hair I can't do the pony tails anymore so I love wearing these to keep the hair out of my eyes. They're really comfortable, I have too big a head for normal headbands (go ahead insert comment here), and because they don't pull my hair back they look good too!

I love how she uses premium quilt quality fabrics, these things will last and are fun, and I can wear the fabrics I like but don't really use a lot of in my actual quilting!

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Karen said...

I have a big head too and find it really hard to get good headbands, even the elastic ones can be troublesome sometimes... I'll have to check these ones out!